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How Offering Flexible Workspaces Helps Build Better Teams

By January 24, 2023February 7th, 2023No Comments
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In a global economy, attracting and retaining top talent is essential for companies competing on an international stage. One way to give your company a competitive edge is to offer a flexible workspace that meets the needs of today’s distributed workforce.

Below is a look at how offering flexible workspace solutions helps global employers attract and retain top talent across borders.

What Is a Flexible Workspace?

A flexible workspace is a full-service workspace designed to provide employees and teams with various ways to work depending on their unique needs. Examples include coworking spaces, hot desks, and open offices.

6 Benefits of Providing Flexible Workspaces to Global Employees

Happier Employees

With the rise of remote work, more employees want to work from locations that suit their needs and lifestyle—whether working from home, in a coworking space, or in a different city or country.

When employees have access to a global network of flexible work desks, they can find a workspace that is convenient for them no matter where they are. Employees have more control over their work environment and can thrive in a space that works best for them.

Increased Productivity and Collaboration

Access to flexible workspaces also provides employees with new and different environments that can inspire creativity and innovation. This benefit is especially relevant to coworking spaces, which often bring together employees and businesses from various backgrounds and industries. This diversity of perspectives can lead to new ideas and approaches to work.

More Work-Life Balance

Providing employees with increased flexibility regarding when and where they work helps them balance their professional and personal lives. Work flexibility is especially important for employees with family obligations, long commutes, or no access to stable and secure WiFi connection at home.

When employers give their teams more flexibility in choosing their work location and schedule, employees experience improved work-life balance, which boosts their productivity and satisfaction while reducing stress and burnout.

Better Connections and Engagement

Employees with access to a global network of flexible workspaces feel more connected to their company. When employees can work from a convenient location, they are more likely to feel engaged. This benefit is particularly important for international employees who may feel isolated or disconnected from their colleagues and the company’s headquarters.

Stronger Trust

Employers show that they trust their employees when they empower them to choose when and where they work. Showing trust means showing respect, which positively impacts employee performance. Plus, when employers demonstrate that they trust and respect their employees, trust and respect are reciprocated—leading to higher morale, better teamwork, and more innovation.

Cost Savings

Providing flexible workspace solutions helps employers save on lease costs and the expense of office furniture and equipment since most flexible workspaces are already equipped with those necessities.

Additionally, employers can save big through discounted global workspace access. Reinvest these savings—and the savings accrued from using online collaboration tools—into building a better team.

Attract Top Talent Globally With Flexible Workspace Solutions

Employees everywhere no longer want to feel stuck in an office or their home. Now more than ever, remote employees can use flexible workspaces that meet them where they are in work and life.

Companies across the globe are growing more aware of the importance of keeping their employees comfortable and productive in whatever kind of workspace is best for them. In turn, they are offering more comprehensive global employee benefits packages that include access to flexible workspaces.

Stay on top of today’s changing marketplace and attract top talent around the globe with tailored, competitive benefits packages that include flexible workspace opportunities.

Download our guide to learn more about how offering comprehensive benefits packages helps you attract and retain top talent.

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