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Introducing an Improved User Experience With Our Updated Global Work Platform™

Remote employee works on his laptop from home

Managing talent is hard enough when your employees are located in the same place. When your teams are spread across the world, your job becomes even more complex. Velocity Global is here to make it easier.

Today, we’re excited to announce our updated Global Work Platform™. Enhanced with your and your talent’s needs in mind, it now features a more intuitive design, improved visibility of core workflows, and more streamlined navigation—helping you build your global dream team more smoothly.

Three Ways We’ve Enhanced Our Global Work Platform™

The latest updates to Global Work Platform™ include:

  • Sleeker navigation. Our updated interface includes cleaner iconography and more readable navigation labels so you can execute tasks more efficiently.
  • Elevated onboarding. We’ve made our tabs more clearly visible and added helpful prompts to help you and your talent sail through onboarding.
  • Improved layout. A more intuitive layout makes it easier to handle every aspect of employee management—from payroll to time off and everything in between.

Improvements Based on Your Needs

We made our Global Work Platform™ enhancements based on input and requests from customers like you. Recent feedback showed that our customers wanted a highly intuitive platform that offers simple navigation and optimal visibility. Thanks to these suggestions, we’ve created a more user-friendly and efficient Global Work Platform™.

Explore Our Updated Global Work Platform™ Today

You deserve tools and resources that make global workforce management as easy and efficient as possible. Velocity Global is proud to offer the solutions you and your organization need.

Find out how our cloud-based technology helps you simplify your job and take your company’s global workforce to the next level. Sign up today and discover all the benefits of working with our updated Global Work Platform™.