Global Business Expansion Resources

Find everything you need to take on the global marketplace with confidence.

The Ultimate Guide to Global Expansion

Discover proven solutions for crafting and executing an agile global expansion strategy.


The Definitive Guide to International PEO

Learn how to break into new international markets with confidence using our International PEO solution.


The Essential Global Expansion Checklist for HR Professionals

Uncover the right questions to ask in order to conquer your global growth initiatives with confidence.


Global Talent Acquisition: The Complete Checklist

Discover how to find the brightest global talent—with the best fit for your organization.


How to Simplify Global Expansion with International PEO

Hire virtually anywhere in the world quickly, compliantly, and confidently with International PEO.


Whitepaper: Lessons From a Roundtable of Global Mobility Executives

Discover the key HR trends identified in an executive roundtable discussion that will impact international expansion in 2019 and beyond.


Checklist: The Legal Aspects of Doing Business Overseas

Gain a lucid understanding of the legalities and challenges of taking your business into new global markets.

Legal Checklist

Introduction to International PEO

See how you can conquer new global growth opportunities—wherever they may lead you—with International PEO.

International PEO Video

Webinar: Navigating the Complexities of Cross Border M&A

Get insights on the key complexities that can arise during cross-border M&A, and how International PEO can support a quick, compliant hiring process.

Webinar-ACG-Navigating the Complexities of Cross-Border M&A

Webinar: Key Global Legislative Changes You Need to Know for 2019

Get the details on global legislative changes HR professionals need to know and how they will impact employees in 2019.


Webinar: Simple Strategies to Streamline Your Global Expansion Efforts in 2018

Gain insight on the integral steps to developing and executing your global expansion strategy.

Simple Strategies to Streamline Your Global Expansion Efforts in 2018

Webinar: Going Global in an Uncertain Environment

Discover the keys to mitigating uncertainty with an agile and thought-out global expansion strategy.

Webinar -Going Global in an Uncertain Environment

Webinar: Navigating the Challenges of Cross-Border M&A Transactions

Learn how International PEO helps to streamline transactions and compliantly hire employees during global mergers & acquisitions.

Webinar - Challenges of Cross-Border M&A Transactions

Webinar: Understanding Your Options for Global Expansion in 2017

Get the necessary steps to properly execute your global expansion strategy—without the need for an entity setup.

Webinar Options for Global Expansion

Webinar: H-1B Visa Selection and Alternatives for Employers

Learn more about the H-1B visa process and discover a way to compliantly secure your desired foreign talent.

Webinar - H-1B Visa Selection Alternatives

Webinar: Choosing the Right Global Expansion Partner

Plan to work with a global partner that shares your same vision for international business expansion.

Choosing the Right Global Expansion Partner


Transnetyx onboarded employees quickly and compliantly—without fully committing to a new market. Read how.

Transnetyx Case Study

HMD Global

HMD Global needed hundreds of employees hired in dozens of countries. See how International PEO helped.

HMD Case Study

Cloud Elements

Find out how Cloud Elements was able to source and hire its ideal candidate using our Global Talent Acquisition Service.



Find out how MercuryGate used International PEO to immediately onboard a valuable employee without establishing a legal entity.



Datadog was ready to expand into multiple international markets—but preferred not to immediately establish entities. Find out how International PEO was its solution


Scaled Agile

Scaled Agile benefited from Global Talent Acquisition services to find the right talent with the perfect cultural fit. Find out how.


North American Lighting

With no time to wait for its entity to be established, North American Lighting relied on International PEO to quickly onboard a key employee. Learn how.