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Global Expansion Resources

See how our experts help you save time, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and take on international growth with confidence.

How Supplemental Benefits Help Retain Talent in an Uncertain Economy

Find out how supplemental benefits can help retain talent while keeping them happy, engaged, and productive during uncertain times.

How to Expand Your Workforce: PEO vs. EoR

Discover the differences between an EoR and a PEO and decide which is better for your business.

How to Retain Talent With Global Employee Benefits

Learn how offering comprehensive benefits packages helps you attract and retain the world’s top talent.

Future of Work: What Talent Wants

Discover three ways talent’s attitudes about work have changed—and how you can adjust your workforce model to meet their needs.

Outsourced HR Op(Ex) and Compliance Analysis for PE Partners

Learn about Velocity Global’s tailored analysis of pre- and post-acquisition HR infrastructure strategies for Private Equity partners.

PEO or Employer of Record: Determine Which Solution is Right for Your Business

Learn about the key differences between these solutions—and determine which is right for your business.

Venture Capital: Set Your Portcos Up for a Successful Global Expansion

See how VC investors set their high-growth portcos up for success in new markets and maximize ROI.

The Age of Remote Work: Benefits of Hiring a Global Workforce

Discover trends, data, and insights into the state of global remote work.

Maximize Your ROI: The Venture Capital Guide to Portfolio Company Global Success

See how venture capital maximizes ROI & slows cash burn rate during global expansion.

A Guide to Everything Businesses Need to Know About COVID-19

Learn how to navigate the new normal COVID-19 created for global businesses.

The Finance Professional’s Guide to Global Expansion

Create a streamlined global expansion strategy that reduces cost and mitigates risk.

More eBooks and Guides

Foreign Independent Contractors: Risk Assessment Checklist

Determine if your foreign contractors are operating compliantly and avoid serious penalties.

The Essential Global Expansion Checklist for HR Professionals

Uncover the right questions to ask in order to conquer your global growth initiatives with confidence.

How to Hire Anywhere With a Global Employer of Record

Learn how a global employer of record helps you hire worldwide—and decide whether it’s right for your business.

Managing Regulatory Variance When Using International PEO in M&A

Gain insight on regulatory variances around the world when transitioning supported employees through mergers and acquisitions.

The Ultimate Guide to Global Expansion

Discover proven solutions for crafting and executing an agile global expansion strategy.

Global Talent Acquisition: The Complete Checklist

Discover how to find the brightest global talent—with the best fit for your organization.

The Definitive Guide to International PEO

Learn how to break into new international markets with confidence using our International PEO solution.

Checklist: The Legal Aspects of Doing Business Overseas

Gain a lucid understanding of the legalities and challenges of taking your business into new global markets.

Your Gateway to Securing Top Talent

Learn how a global Employer of Record solution helps you hire, manage, and pay top talent worldwide—quickly and compliantly.

The Pitfalls of Entity Establishment

Learn how the constraints of entity setup hindered this fast-growth company’s global expansion ambitions.

Introduction to International PEO

See how you can conquer new global growth opportunities—wherever they may lead you—with International PEO.

Pursuing and Managing International Hypergrowth

Watch Velocity Global CEO Ben Wright’s Collision 2019 presentation to find out why ambitious U.S. and UK tech firms are pursuing hypergrowth overseas.

Managing the Complexities of Cross-Border Transactions

Learn which challenges and complexities to expect when managing cross-border transactions.

Practical Advice to Grow Globally on a Path to Recovery

Understand how to use International PEO to progress your global expansion plans while maintaining flexibility during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Navigating Re-Entry with Colorado Companies to Watch

Utilize insights from COVID-19 to re-enter the global marketplace and continue your plans for global expansion.


Webinar: Simplifying the Future of Distributed Work, Part One

Learn from leading analyst firm NelsonHall how Velocity Global helps you easily hire, pay, and manage top talent worldwide.

Webinar: Simplifying the Future of Distributed Work, Part Two

Hear Everest Group share how the emerging global employer of record (EoR) market helps companies attract and retain top talent.

Webinar: The Future of Talent Retention

Find out how to retain and attract top talent by offering supplemental benefits.

Webinar: Key Legislative Changes That Impact Your 2022 Global Hiring Decisions

Find out how employment law changes in the world’s top markets will affect how HR professionals will hire in 2022.

Webinar: 2021 Cross-Border Transactions: Trends, Risks, and Opportunities

Gain expert insights into 2021 macro market trends for M&A and how to navigate operational challenges in cross-border deals.

Webinar: Direct Sourcing: Maximize Your Extended Workforce to Overcome Global Labor Shortages

Learn how to use direct sourcing to overcome hiring challenges and find talent within your existing extended workforce—including interns, contractors, contingent workers, freelancers, and more.

Webinar: Canadian Immigration Boom – Why Canada Is a Popular Hiring Destination and How to Avoid Logistical Challenges

Learn how to easily test the Canadian market and avoid immigration challenges when relocating employees.

Webinar: Direct Sourcing: Maximize Your Extended Workforce to Overcome Global Labor Shortages

Learn how to use direct sourcing to overcome hiring challenges and find talent within your existing extended workforce—including interns, contractors, contingent workers, freelancers, and more.

Webinar Archives

Webinar: Future of Work—How Female Leaders are Transforming the Workplace

See how top female executives overcome challenges in the workplace and help women take on more leadership roles.

Webinar: NVCA Venture Monitor – How Did U.S. VC Fare in 2020?

Discover how startups can maximize their growth potential in 2021.

Webinar: Key Legislative Changes That Impact Your 2021 Global Hiring Decisions

Webinar: How to Promote Efficiencies and Avoid Cross-Border M&A Integration Pitfalls

Find out how employment law changes in ten key global markets impact your 2021 hiring plans.

Discover best practices and avoid common pitfalls to ensure success in your M&A transactions.

Webinar: Cross-Border HR M&A Compliance & Trends: A Roundtable Discussion

Learn more about 2020 M&A trends and solutions to help you mitigate risk when expanding your global remote workforce.

Webinar: Finding HR Operational Efficiencies that Shorten time to ROI in M&A Transactions

Find out how to remove common HR operational obstacles in M&A and capitalize on your investment faster.

Webinar: New U.S. Immigration Restrictions: Considering Implications & Alternatives

Understand how to use International PEO to progress your global expansion plans while maintaining flexibility during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Webinar: Going Global After COVID-19 How Companies Can Mitigate Risk and Bounce Back After Hard Times

Learn how companies can go global to get ahead of the competition as the economy recovers from COVID-19.

Webinar: Cross Border M&A Deals: How to Get Your New Acquisition Running Efficiently and Shorten Time to ROI

Learn how to shorten time to ROI in cross-border M&A transactions by using international PEO as a bridge solution.

Webinar: COVID-19 Update: How to Keep Global Hiring Initiatives Running During Uncertain Times

Learn how global employment has changed during the COVID-19 outbreak and how an agile hiring method keeps businesses running.

Webinar: Key Legislative Changes that Will Impact Your Hiring Decisions in 2020

Find out how employment law changes in the world’s top markets will affect how HR professionals will hire in 2020.

Webinar: How to Manage a Smooth HR Transition in International Mergers and Acquisitions

Solve common HR challenges that arise throughout global M&A transactions and implement solutions for a simpler transition.

Webinar: Top 3 Challenges Tech Firms Face During Global Expansion

Implement these proven solutions to successfully navigate HR professionals’ top barriers to building global teams.

Webinar: Strategies to Increase Employee Retention in an Evolving Global Workforce

Understand how to improve worker retention while remaining compliant in an evolving global workforce.

Webinar: Top Global Markets for Tech Growth: 2019 and Beyond

Determine which global markets offer tech firms favorable growth opportunities and the deepest talent pools.

Webinar: Today’s Global Mobility Landscape: Insights to Help Tech Companies Succeed in 2019

Explore the most promising global markets for expanding tech firms in 2019 and beyond.

Webinar: Employer of Record: The Solution Tech Companies Are Using to Go Global

Discover how Employer of Record (EOR) enables tech companies to enter—and exit—global markets faster than ever.

Webinar: Independent Contractor Risks: Hiring Considerations for Tech Companies Going Global

Learn how to compliantly hire and navigate misclassified contractor risks in the world’s top markets for expanding tech companies.

Webinar: Understanding Your Options for Global Expansion in 2019

Understand your options when expanding globally. Discover solutions to common challenges when expanding overseas.

Podcast: What You Need to Keep in Mind When Expanding Globally

Find out what it takes to expand into new markets globally, and which regions should be on your radar.

Webinar: Key Global Legislative Changes You Need to Know for 2019

Get the details on global legislative changes HR professionals need to know and how they will impact workers in 2019.

Webinar: Legislative Updates in Europe’s Most Attractive Countries for Global Expansion

Learn more about key legislative changes in Europe’s top markets for global expansion.

Webinar: Going Global in an Uncertain Environment

Discover the keys to mitigating uncertainty with an agile and thought-out global expansion strategy.

Webinar: Navigating the Challenges of Cross-Border M&A Transactions

Learn how International PEO helps to streamline transactions and compliantly hire supported employees during global mergers & acquisitions.

Webinar: H-1B Visa Selection and Alternatives for Employers

Learn more about the H-1B visa process and discover a way to compliantly secure your desired foreign talent.

Webinar: Simple Strategies to Streamline Your Global Expansion Efforts in 2018

Gain insight on the integral steps to developing and executing your global expansion strategy.

Webinar: Choosing the Right Global Expansion Partner

Plan to work with a global partner that shares your same vision for international business expansion.

Webinar: Navigating the Complexities of Cross Border M&A

Get insights on the key complexities that can arise during cross-border M&A, and how International PEO can support a quick, compliant hiring process.


Learn how Velocity Global onboarded and provided exceptional care for more than 35 Paige supported employees across 11 countries in just over a year.


Materialize needed a partner to simplify global hiring. Discover how Velocity Global helped the tech company easily bring in overseas talent.


Find out how Velocity Global helped Glaukos optimize the employee experience for its remote talent while facilitating fast global hiring.

Stack Overflow

With labor authorities cracking down on contractor misclassification, find out how Velocity Global helped Stack Overflow stay compliant in 11 countries.

Citrus Advertising

Citrus Advertising needed to retain a key team member moving to the UK, but had no experience or resources to manage remote talent. Find out how Velocity Global helped.


ConsenSys needed to rapidly transfer an invaluable employee to Switzerland—or risked losing him altogether. Find out how Velocity Global facilitated the process.


Find out how Convercent beat a key hiring deadline to secure a top C-level executive candidate in the Netherlands.

RightHand Robotics

Learn how RightHand Robotics seamlessly transferred an essential supported employee into a new market with the help of Velocity Global and its global Employer of Record solution.

Great Kids

Discover how Great Kids, Inc. quickly onboarded a key international supported employee to expand its life-changing services.

HMD Global

HMD Global needed hundreds of supported employees hired in dozens of countries. See how Velocity Global and its global Employer of Record solution helped.


Datadog was ready to expand into multiple international markets—but preferred not to establish entities immediately. Find out how Velocity Global helped Datadog manage international talent by becoming its global Employer of Record partner.


Transnetyx onboarded supported employees quickly and compliantly—without fully committing to a new market. Read how.

North American Lighting

With no time to wait for its entity to be established, North American Lighting relied on Velocity Global and its global Employer of Record solution to quickly onboard a key supported employee. Learn how.

Global Eagle

Learn how Global Eagle was able to support multiple international supported employees and test a new market with Velocity Global’s help.


Find out how MercuryGate used Velocity Global and its global Employer of Record solution to immediately onboard a valuable supported employee without establishing a legal entity.

Cloud Elements

Find out how Cloud Elements was able to source and hire its ideal candidate using our Global Talent Acquisition Service.

Scaled Agile

Scaled Agile benefited from Global Talent Acquisition services to find the right talent with the perfect cultural fit. Find out how.

Everest Group Names Velocity Global a Leader in Employer of Record (EoR) Solutions

Learn how Velocity Global leads the industry in providing the most comprehensive suite of solutions for hiring, paying, and managing a distributed workforce.

2022 Global Employer of Record Services by NelsonHall

Discover why NelsonHall recognized Velocity Global as a leader in the global employer of record (EoR) services industry.

Impact of Remote Work Survey

Discover exclusive insights on Remote Work such as career fulfillment, time savings, personal confidence, out-of-work activities, and more.

The 2022 State of Distributed Work: Tech Sector

Discover the latest insights into financial growth, international hiring, and managing a remote workforce from tech executives.

Report: The Cross-Border M&A Monitor: Tech Sector

Read expert insights into trends that defined the IT M&A industry in 2021 backed by data from PitchBook.

Report: The Cross-Border M&A Monitor: Tech Sector

Read expert insights into trends that defined the IT M&A industry in 2020 backed by data from PitchBook.

Report: PitchBook NVCA Venture Monitor Q4 2020

See how the U.S. VC industry changed in 2020 and discover why experts are optimistic about 2021.

2020 State of Global ExpansionTM Report: Tech Industry

Discover the latest insights into the top global expansion markets, ambitions and challenges from U.S.- and UK-based tech executives.

The State of Global Expansion 2019

Discover top markets, ambitions, and challenges for US- and UK-based tech companies looking to expand internationally.

Report: Accelerating Tech Startups

Learn how tech startups find longevity and boost their ROI.

Whitepaper: Lessons From a Roundtable of Global Mobility Executives

Discover the key HR trends identified in an executive roundtable discussion that will impact international expansion in 2019 and beyond.