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Updated Denmark Work Permit Program Aims to Attract Skilled Foreign Workers

By March 25, 2019August 23rd, 2022No Comments
Updated Denmark Work Permit Program Aims to Attract Skilled Foreign Workers

Many countries are experiencing varying degrees of skills shortages—a trend poised to get grow over the next decade. Denmark, specifically, is grappling with this issue; it has recently rolled out efforts to attract foreign skilled workers, particularly from China, Russia, India, and other countries outside of the European Union to fill these positions.


The Danish Labor Shortage and Updated Work Permit

At the end of 2018, the Denmark Ministry of Employment published a comprehensive, 21 point program designed to assist companies internally as they attempt to attract, hire, and retain top talent from locations.

The primary objective of this program was to simplify the application process for skilled foreign workers. Denmark has recently attracted international attention on these matters, particularly an instance where one academic from the United States was trapped by the country’s then-current green card rules. Previous efforts only served to dissuade foreign workers from entering the country, making this update a major pivot at a much-needed time.

Denmark’s Plan of Action to Hire Skilled Foreign Workers

Moving forward, nationals from 12 countries will now be able to obtain a work permit more easily in Denmark. In order to do so, however, they will need to earn gross annual salaries of at least 330,000 kroner/$51,000. Previously, the limit was 418,000kr/$63.220.

The plan also outlines a number of job titles where there is a particularly pressing need for highly qualified labor at a national level. Provided that they meet the relevant education requirements, working in one of these positions alone can now get someone a green card.

A “fast track” option is also available, designed to be a flexible way for certified companies to quickly gain access to potential employees. Under the old version of Denmark’s rules, even a minor mistake could prevent someone from working for as long as two years. Now, that quarantine level is just one year, though fine amounts have been raised so that companies do not find themselves excluded from this due to minor errors.

To their credit, the Confederation of Danish Industry indicated that it agrees with the Danish government’s actions. It stated that, provided that all matters go according to plan, this is a viable way to address many of the sectors and industry-specific issues that require skilled workers from both in- and outside of the European Union. Under the new plan, a broader category of workers can now apply and those applicants can also begin employment even if their paperwork is still being processed. 

Finding the Right Expansion Partner

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