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One Platform for Your Distributed Workforce 

When the Velocity Global team sat down to create its technology vision, we had one goal: to develop a one-stop-shop for companies to engage any worker, anywhere, at any time. Designing with client needs and desires in mind, we knew the platform had to be intuitive, easy-to-use, and feel like an extension of the client's existing workflow processes.

After months of research and collaboration between our technology team and our clients, we are excited to unveil our industry-leading distributed workforce technology platform. We spoke with Director of Product, Kimberly Gant, to get an inside look at what clients and supported employees can expect from the new platform and some insights into what's to come.

What are the main features of the Velocity Global technology platform?

There are many exciting platform features and integrations for both our clients and supported talent, including but not limited to:

  • Global Employment View: A comprehensive map overview that shows the location and employment profiles of our clients' supported workforce across the globe
  • Supported Employee Welcome Experience: Team members are greeted with a thoughtfully designed welcome experience that seamlessly guides them through the onboarding process
  • Onboarding Visibility: At a glance, our clients can see exactly where their supported employees are in the onboarding process
  • Enhanced Time-Off Tracking: Supported employees can easily submit time-off requests and clients can manage them—all in one platform
  • Supported Employee Mobile App: Available on iOS and Android
  • Integrated Employment Training: Supported employees can complete global and country-specific employment training without leaving the platform  
  • Third-Party Integration Framework: Our clients can reduce manual data entry through integrations with their internal systems

Which features will have the most significant impact on our clients?

The top three most impactful features that save our clients time and make their jobs easier are: 

  • The global employment view 
  • Onboarding visibility
  • Supported employee profiles 

Each of these updates gives clients critical, real-time insights into their global workforce.  

Which features will have the most significant impact on our supported employees?

For supported employees, I'm most excited about the impact of our welcome experience. We've leveraged UX design best practices, like progressive disclosures, to make this experience both pleasant and efficient. With step-by-step workflows customized to the supported employee's unique onboarding needs and country of employment, our client’s team members get an incredible experience on the platform.  

Can you explain the thought process behind these updates?

As a company, we always put our clients and their supported employees first, so we knew that we needed to develop an impactful and scalable platform in-house. As a result, we built our world-class Engineering and Product teams to create development processes that maximize creativity and delivery of customer value—all while ensuring the security, scalability, and usability features of a modern platform. 

What were some of the obstacles you encountered developing these features?

In technology, we have a saying that "the product is never done." The biggest obstacle we encountered during this phase of product development was time. The future of work waits for no one, and it was a huge undertaking to develop a platform that met all of our requirements and aligned with our company vision.

In terms of product development, what about the new and improved Velocity Global technology platform are you most proud of?

I am beyond excited about the UX best practices and our platform's reusable components. From a development perspective, our reusable component best practices ensure that we continue to scale quickly and maintain product quality. From a user perspective, it's intuitive, consistent, and satisfying on any device. Both of these development practices make me incredibly proud of our team and our platform.

Without giving anything away, can you describe what our clients and supported employees can expect from our technology platform a year from now?

Our team has a saying here at Velocity Global: "Do the work you love, from virtually anywhere. Because in the end, life is too short not to be bold!" In just a few months and over the next year, this mantra is in action with features ranging from deep analytics to talent matching to additional system integrations. 

Click to see our Global Work Platform in action or learn more about how it benefits your company.

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