Velocity Global’s Vice President of Engineering & Chief Architect, Kumar Ramanathan shows off his home office set up

Employee Spotlight: Meet Velocity Global’s Vice President of Engineering & Chief Architect, Kumar Ramanathan

Welcome to the second edition of Velocity Global’s Employee Spotlight Series, where we are introducing some of the newest members of the Velocity Global team! 

If you missed our first Employee Spotlight, catch up with our Vice President of Product Design, Winnie Wong, here.  

Meet Kumar Ramanathan

At the heart of product and technology design is creating a positive, efficient experience for the end-user. Designing an innovative, compelling, and fast platform that improves and enhances this experience goes far beyond coding skills and demands a strong dedication to the customer—an operating principle that Kumar Ramanathan, Vice President of Engineering and Chief Architect at Velocity Global, has lived by for his entire career.

“Software development is a team sport and interpersonal dynamics are critical,” Kumar says. “You must work with your customers to thoroughly understand their wants and needs, and furthermore, you must collaborate across multiple teams to ensure the product you create effectively solves their problems. This is our sole purpose. Successful companies create successful products.”

Kumar’s dedication to the customer aligns with the customer-first approach at Velocity Global, where we transform the way the world works so businesses can build their teams everywhere.

What Convinced Kumar Velocity Global Is “The Place to Be”

After about 25 years at Intuit, Kumar was ready to begin the next chapter of his life—doing charity in India. Kumar was on his way to the airport when he got a call from his good friend and former colleague, Siddharth Ram, Chief Technology Officer at Velocity Global. Siddharth asked for 30 minutes of his time to explain why the opportunity at Velocity Global and Kumar’s values as a tech engineer and leader were a perfect match. 

“It came down to two things that mattered most,” Kumar says. “The first was that Velocity Global is going through a transformation. Rather than remaining a services company with a tech component, they were transforming into a tech company with a services component. As a leader in tech, this was a captivating process to be a part of. The second is that the mission to connect people anywhere in the world to any opportunity is a direct reflection of my personal mission: to make a meaningful, positive difference in as many people’s lives as possible through products we create.”

Kumar proceeded to jump in headfirst as Vice President of Engineering and Chief Architect and does not take for granted that the platform he continues to develop is, quite literally, changing lives.

Driven to Build Technology That Makes a Difference

A customer’s needs go beyond simply completing a task. As a prerequisite to problem-solving for a customer, Kumar “walks a mile in the customer’s shoes” to expand his understanding of how to best support their business growth and goals. When you gain this insight, the solution becomes less transactional and completely customer-centric. The work you create has a direct impact on their lives.

“Having a job and steady income is a critical component to every person’s life. Before Velocity Global, many people were tied to their geographical location and the economy that they lived in, limiting their job opportunities. Through our platform, we now have the ability to connect individuals to a global economy and create a borderless workforce and endless opportunities.”

A Day in the Life of Kumar

Although Kumar is not a big “morning person,” he starts his day at 7 a.m. with a cup of coffee (and believes the world doesn’t move until there is good espresso in the system!) Throughout the day, he collaborates with his engineering team members, which often involves troubleshooting solutions.

With the goal of succeeding both as an organization and individually, he knows that problem-solving collectively is essential to learning and creating the best solution possible. Between meetings, or sometimes during meetings when the weather is nice, you can find Kumar out on a walk to soak up the California sunshine and fresh air!

At the end of the day, he enjoys dinner with his wife and a good book to read. One of his favorites is Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Playbook of Silicon Valley's Bill Campbell. Kumar is honored to have had a 1-on-1 with Bill as a young engineer at Intuit, where Bill was the CEO.

Kumar’s Advice to New Leaders

No matter what industry you are in, Kumar advises new leaders to have a “growth mindset” and to serve as not only a leader but also a mentor and ally who helps everyone become the best versions of themselves. Furthermore, he suggests always remembering that the longest-standing relationship you will ever have is with people.

Companies, teams, and projects may change, but the relationships you build with your fellow and former employees will remain—and if built on trust and service, your paths may cross again and lead to other opportunities.

“When you join a company in a leadership role, you become a steward. You must always prioritize doing right by the people with the goal of leaving the organization better than you found it,” Kumar says. “Whether you are managing 250 people, 25 people, or simply one person, you are accountable to every single one of them. You will have the opportunity to give them the autonomy to make decisions that allow the organization to go from where we are, to where we want to be.”

Open Remote Software Engineering Roles at Velocity Global

To join Kumar, and the rest of the Velocity Global team, check out our open positions


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