Qatar Employment Visa Requirements

Qatar Employment Visa Requirements

As the Middle East continues to thrive and attract new business development, HR professionals are becoming more concerned with Qatar employment visa requirements. Especially as their firms explore expansion in this region. Visas are a requirement for all expats and foreign nationals seeking employment opportunities in most foreign countries, including Qatar.

When firms take their operations into new markets, it’s important to understand the basic requirements for hiring new employees. In this post, we’ll cover the Qatar employment visa requirements so you can get a head start on recruiting and hiring talent in the Middle East.


Qatar Employment Visa Requirements: The Basics

As an employer in Qatar, your company has a large responsibility to help foreign team members obtain a visa. A primary requirement for applicants is sponsorship from a citizen or Qatar business owner.

Traditionally, in order to have a legal presence in-country, a company needed to set up to set up an entity. However, an Employer of Record allows businesses to begin operating in new markets quickly and seamlessly—and save hefty costs compared to traditional entity establishment. A global Employer of Record affords businesses quick entry into new markets without making a huge capital investment. Plus, your firm will be completely compliant and free to hire new talent much sooner than going through the timely process of setting up a legal entity on your own.

For more information on Qatar employment options and best practices, view this post.

Employee’s Requirements

Once you recruit a team member, they have a few responsibilities of their own to receive visa approval. First, the prospective employee needs to provide a certificate of good conduct to officials in Qatar. Other requirements include:

  • Blood Test & Disease Screening
  • Fingerprinting
  • Overall Health & Wellness Check
  • Chest X-Ray

In addition, an employee must provide the following documents during the application process:

  • Valid Passport
  • Copies of Certified Educational Documents
  • Up to 20 Passport Sized Photos (May Be Required)

Employer’s Responsibilities

When you offer your employee a position with your Qatar entity, you also need to apply for a NOC certificate for that team member. This stamp goes on their passport before entering the Doha Airport and is needed before entry into the country.

As a sponsoring employer, your team must ensure that sponsored individuals abide by local laws. If they don’t, they will be prosecuted accordingly. For example, there is no alcohol allowed anywhere in Qatar.

We suggest using a global Employer of Record to help with compliance requirements along with the overall Qatar employment visa requirements. Working with an in-country partner helps you manage the complicated rules and regulations in your new country.

Qatar Employment Visa Requirements: Expiration

When your employees obtain a working visa, they will also need to apply for a residency visa if they plan on staying for an extended period of time. The residency visa lasts up to two years and can take up to three weeks for approval. A typical work visa is viewed as a more short-term option and lasts up to one year. Both the resident visa and the work visa are eligible for renewal upon expiration.

Helping new team members obtain a Qatar employment visa seems like a daunting task when you’re learning the ropes. When you partner with Velocity Global, we can walk you through the process, step-by-step, ensuring your organization has the resources it needs to begin operating quickly and compliantly.

Ready to take on Qatar? Let's talk strategy.

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