Velocity Global announces new ATS integrations with Workable, JazzHR, and Ashby

A Better Hiring and Onboarding Experience: Announcing New ATS Integrations with Workable, JazzHR, and Ashby

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Velocity Global works with over 1,500 companies across the globe to help HR teams and business leaders hire, pay, and manage their growing international workforce. We leverage the insights we hear from our customers every day to create a world-class platform designed to help our customers easily build their dream team.

That’s why we’re excited to announce new technology integrations with Ashby, JazzHR, and Workable—three of the industry’s premier Applicant Tracking System (ATS) solutions—to help simplify and enhance the hiring and onboarding aspects of the Employee Experience lifecycle. These integrations are part of our growing roster that also includes leading Human Capital Management and Human Resources Information System integrations. 

Why a Smooth Hire-to-Onboarding Employee Experience Matters

While there isn’t a single, universal approach to navigating the new world of work, it’s clear that talent everywhere is re-evaluating how they choose who to work for—and they’re prioritizing organizations that strive to meet their unique needs

There is no better time than now to rethink how technology can further improve Employee Experience. It’s become a top priority for both HR and IT leaders. Investing in this shared goal improves other important metrics that support business growth, such as quickly hiring for skill gaps, retaining top talent, and expanding to new markets.

A crucial first step is ensuring that talent has an exceptional onboarding experience; 72% of leaders agree that effectively preparing talent for their new roles is essential to helping them work effectively in a world of hybrid and remote work. 

McKinsey calls for HR and IT to map out “moments that matter” together. Employee onboarding is one of these moments that, “if designed well, can create a disproportionate uplift in experience.” Unfortunately, as many of our customers have also told us themselves, only 12% of U.S. employees say their company does a good job of onboarding—they don’t think beyond getting documents signed and scheduling employee orientation.

Modernizing Our Platform to Enable a Borderless Workforce

Our ATS integrations help automate and accelerate the employee onboarding process by synchronizing candidate information from your systems directly into our Global Work Platform™, providing a better experience for employees and hiring teams. 

Key benefits of leveraging these ATS integrations include:

  • Improved customer and Employee Experience through the reduction of redundant data entry.
  • Elimination of manual, error-prone data transfer steps and increase in data accuracy.
  • Automation routing and notifications to streamline the onboarding process.
  • Enhanced visibility into where employer of record (EOR) candidates are in the hiring process.
  • Improved employee satisfaction with a simplified, seamless technology stack.

We’ve launched these integrations—which are free for all Velocity Global customers—so you can continue to focus on building a workforce that matches your global ambitions. 

Driving the Future of Work Together

Our Integrations team will walk you through the configuration from start to finish. To get started, reach out to and let us know of your interest in setting up an integration. 

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