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Array: Converting Contractors and Offering Integrations

Helping a company protect data, streamline onboarding, and expand its workforce.

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Founded in 2019, Array empowers digital brands, financial institutions, and fintechs to quickly bring products to market. Offering a full suite of solutions including everything from credit score tools to identity theft protection, Array helps its clients serve millions of users worldwide.

Array’s challenge

In a competitive hiring market, Array knows that a remote-first work policy helps it access, attract, and retain top talent anywhere. But after initially dipping a toe into the global talent pool by engaging contractors, Array quickly decided to pivot to a more stable, long-term workforce strategy: hiring full-time employees.

Moving from contractors to employees would allow Array to hire in new regions and better adhere to clients’ data privacy usage policies. Classifying talent as employees would also help Array to attract in-demand candidates that expected competitive benefits packages unavailable to contractors. Equally as important, hiring full-time talent would give Array the workforce continuity to meet soaring demand for its products.

Backed by an influx of capital from a recent Series B funding raise, Array needed one final element to jumpstart global hiring: an employer of record (EOR). An EOR would hire, pay, and offer benefits to talent in countries where Array lacked entities, keeping the company compliant as it grew its workforce. The ideal EOR would also serve as a strategic partner at every step.

“One of our most important requirements in an EOR was a commitment to true partnership and service,” Kelly Shea, Senior Vice President of Talent Strategy, said. “As a smaller, growing company, we wanted an EOR that would take the time to understand our journey so they could ebb and flow with us. We also needed an EOR that was reputable, an expert in their domain, and able to offer competitive benefits consistent with what we provided our current employees.”

As Array carefully vetted prospective EORs, only one offered the comprehensive blend of capabilities, expertise, and full-service partnership it needed: Velocity Global.

Velocity Global’s solution

Array enlisted Velocity Global as its EOR and quickly tasked its new partner with hiring qualified engineers and salespeople in Canada. To help secure the highly coveted candidates in a competitive hiring market, Velocity Global crafted talent-friendly benefits packages while setting the foundation for the full-service partnership Array had hoped for.

“We were impressed with not just the benefits that Velocity Global offered but also with their full ability to digest, inform, and educate us about their offerings,” Shea said. “It was easy to just hop on a call and receive the information we needed. There’s a reputation that EORs can be very transactional, but Velocity Global felt very service-oriented from the start.”

Array’s HR team further leveraged Velocity Global’s service-oriented partnership to develop technology integrations that saved time and improved the employee experience during onboarding—critical initiatives as Array selectively hired top talent for key vacancies.

The technology integrations would bidirectionally sync employee information from the Velocity Global Work Platform™ to Greenhouse and BambooHR, which Array uses for onboarding and talent management. Velocity Global’s technology team quickly began working on the time-intensive project, leading a collaborative process that again validated Array’s trust in its partner.

Developing a technology integration was a big ask, but Velocity Global didn’t just give us a quick yes or no. They were really interested in exploring what was possible and working together to find a resolution. In the spirit of transparency, regular communication, and building trust, Velocity Global’s problem-solving approach was clear throughout the integration process.
Kelly Shea
Senior Vice President of Talent Strategy, Array

Shared success

Velocity Global’s dialogue-driven, detail-oriented approach paid off. The integrations met Array’s needs, helping its HR team optimize efficiency, accuracy, and the employee experience through onboarding and beyond—enormous benefits considering the rapid clip at which it was adding full-time employees.

“We were hiring at a high volume, so it made a huge difference for us to not have to do any duplicative manual work between Greenhouse, BambooHR, and the Global Work Plaftorm™,” Asal Wahdan, Talent Operations Manager at Array, said. “Velocity Global’s integrations helped us be more precise while also reducing the back-and-forth with candidates during onboarding.”

For Shea, a successful onboarding process is only the start of an exceptional employee experience. Considering the time and resources required to recruit qualified talent across borders, Shea appreciates Velocity Global going above and beyond to keep them supported, engaged, and retained.

“For individuals that are not familiar with the EOR model, it can feel overly nuanced and intimidating,” Shea said. “Velocity Global gives us the confidence to reassure talent that they would receive the same fully supported experience that they’d receive from us.”

Velocity Global also gives Array an increased sense of confidence when navigating local employment laws. By relying on Velocity Global’s employment experts, Array has peace of mind it is on the right side of compliance regulations wherever it hires.

“Laws can differ greatly even from county to county,” Shea said. “We’ve really appreciated the way Velocity Global communicates about potential scenarios and risks and how they partner with us to come up with the best plan of action.”

Overall, Velocity Global played an integral part in transforming Array’s global workforce strategy by enabling it to hire top full-time talent across borders.

“There’s a time and a place for engaging contractors, but in our broader strategy, working with Velocity Global really does unlock our ability to compete for top talent in a high-demand environment,” Shea said. “We wouldn’t have been able to even recruit the full-time talent we needed without Velocity Global.”

How Array used EOR to switch from contractors to employees

Array’s challenge
  • After initially building a global workforce by engaging contractors, Array decided to pivot to a new, long-term strategy: hiring full-time employees.
  • Array wanted to better protect data, attract top candidates who expected benefits not available to contractors, and respond to rising consumer demand by building a more stable workforce.
  • Array needed a reputable employer of record (EOR) partner that could hire, pay, and offer benefits to its full-time employees, all while offering strategic guidance and a high level of expertise.
Velocity Global’s solution
  • Convinced that Velocity Global offered the unique blend of capabilities, partnership, and expertise it needed, Array tasked the EOR with hiring, paying, and offering benefits to candidates in Canada.
  • Velocity Global created competitive benefits packages that helped secure the highly coveted candidates, communicating closely with Array throughout the process.
  • As it rapidly added full-time talent, Array’s HR team asked Velocity Global to create time-saving technology integrations between its Global Work Platform™, Greenhouse, and BambooHR.
Shared success
  • Velocity Global developed and deployed the integrations, enabling Array’s HR team to simplify onboarding, boost accuracy and efficiency during record-keeping, and avoid juggling multiple HR management platforms.
  • Array appreciates the exceptional employee experience that Velocity Global provides to its global talent, along with the compliance expertise it needs to confidently run a full-time workforce.
  • Empowered by Velocity Global’s ability to hire, support, and retain top talent across borders, Array can now access the highly qualified full-time talent it needs to build a world-class workforce.
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