Onyx CenterSource: Partnering Together Through EOR

Helping Onyx CenterSource seamlessly source and hire the world’s top talent.

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Onyx’s challenge

With clients spread across the world, Onyx CenterSource needed to build a workforce that matched its global scope. The payments provider enlisted Launch Global to recruit talent across borders but soon hit a snag: Many top candidates lived in countries where Onyx did not have entities. Seeking to compliantly hire talent regardless of entity status, Onyx Senior Vice President of HR Becky Ospina turned to Launch Global for advice.

“We did not want to be bound by geographic limitations when hiring top talent,” Ospina said. “We wanted to hire the best people regardless of their location. That’s when Launch Global advised us to consider an EOR solution.”

Launch Global connected Ospina with its trusted EOR partner, Velocity Global, to help her take the next step. Working with an EOR would help Onyx legally onboard, pay, and support the candidates that Launch Global identified—no entities required. It would also remove the heavy burden of international compliance, payroll, benefits, and HR support from Ospina’s shoulders. 

Velocity Global’s solution

Ospina vetted Velocity Global with three expectations in mind: worldwide scope, comprehensive legal expertise, and streamlined communication.

Ospina needed her EOR partner to be everywhere she wanted to hire and support talent—no restrictions, no gaps. Because Ospina’s team lacked the time, resources, and expertise to wade through local labor laws, she also needed a partner that would ensure compliance. Finally, Ospina needed her partner to understand Onyx’s unique needs and clearly communicate throughout every stage of global hiring—from onboarding to ongoing talent management.

In Velocity Global, Ospina found a full-service partner that met her every need in over 185 countries.

Velocity Global has a very large number of entities in the countries we were interested in and offers one point of contact for every market. We needed somebody who knows Onyx, our challenges, how we treat our employees, and what we're trying to accomplish. Velocity Global delivers on those expectations throughout every step of our relationship.
Becky Ospina
Senior Vice President of HR

Shared success

With Launch Global as its recruiter and Velocity Global as its EOR, Onyx compliantly added more than 35 international employees in less than six months. Velocity Global now helps Onyx provide payroll, benefits, and local HR support in countries such as Mexico, Ireland, Portugal, China, Greece, and Sweden.

Ospina appreciates that Velocity Global provides the expertise and resources her teams need to easily onboard, manage, and support talent across multiple countries—with full compliance. While Ospina can turn to a single point of contact whenever she needs help, she can also rest assured her talent is well taken care of by Velocity Global account managers who deliver consistent, top-tier support worldwide.

Ospina also values her EOR partner’s global scope and all-encompassing capabilities. “The biggest benefit Velocity Global provides my managers and me is the element of flexibility,” Ospina said. “From covering a wide array of time zones and geographic markets to offering benefits packages of all sizes and complexities, Velocity Global does everything we need them to do.”

Onyx expects soon to add supported employees in at least two additional countries. As Onyx continues to grow its global footprint, Ospina and her team are thrilled about what’s possible with the combined power of Velocity Global and Launch Global.

“Launch Global has been instrumental in sourcing the world’s best candidates, while the seamless hand-off to Velocity Global makes the whole process easy for our company and our talent,” Ospina said. “Velocity Global and Launch Global have completely transformed our hiring approach by helping us easily find, onboard, and support top talent anywhere.”

How Onyx sourced and hired global talent

Onyx’s challenge
  • While relying on renowned international advisory firm Launch Global to recruit top talent worldwide, Onyx soon realized it needed a way to hire in countries without entities.
  • Launch Global advised Onyx Senior Vice President of HR Becky Ospina to partner with EOR Velocity Global to onboard, pay, and support talent in countries where Onyx lacked entities.
Velocity Global’s solution
  • Ospina vetted Velocity Global to ensure her prospective EOR partner would offer worldwide scope, comprehensive knowledge of local labor laws, and streamlined communication at every step.
  • Velocity Global proved up to the task with its compliance expertise, exceptional communication, willingness to understand Onyx’s unique goals, and ability to hire talent in 185+ countries.
Shared success
  • Powered by Launch Global’s world-class recruiting services and Velocity Global’s leading EOR capabilities, Onyx added more than 35 international hires in just under six months.
  • Velocity Global now helps Onyx with payroll, benefits, and HR support in countries from Mexico and Sweden to China and Portugal.
  • With the combined expertise and services of Launch Global and Velocity Global, Ospina has the confidence and resources she needs to build teams anywhere.
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