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Build Global Companies Faster Than Ever

Expedite cross-border transactions and streamline global workforce compliance.

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Take the hiring complexities out of global M&A.

Global acquisitions and cross-border carve-outs bring unique employment challenges. Easily onboard a global workforce outside of your existing global footprint, avoid TSAs, and ensure compliance during global growth.


Cross-border transactions don’t have to be complicated.

Velocity Global’s Transactions & Expansion Manager, Sam Sailer, explains how taking a proactive approach to managing cross-border transactions can ease some of the complexities.

When acquiring businesses across the globe, a variety of employment challenges must be considered, including supported employee onboarding, country-specific compliance regulations, and legal jurisdiction management. Implementing transactional solutions can help avoid disruptions during the M&A process and ensure a smooth transition.

In addition, private equity and venture capital-backed companies can face a number of different employment challenges when expanding into new international markets. With an efficient approach to global expansion, companies can enter new markets faster than ever before.

Ensure Compliance & Eliminate Risk

Compliantly hire supported employees in as little as 48 hours, speeding up the time to close global transactions and decreasing employee retention risks.

Gain a
Competitive Edge

Enter global markets without establishing a foreign entity through our infrastructure and capabilities in over 185 countries.

Rely On One
Trusted Partner

Use Velocity Global as your Employer of Record (EOR) to handle payroll, benefits, risk mitigation, ongoing compliance, and team member support.

Our approach to Global Mergers & Acquisitions

With established infrastructure and capabilities in over 185 countries, Velocity Global is prepared to support and facilitate companies during mergers and acquisitions, carve-outs, and other international transactions. Using International PEO, our team of experts works with you to hire and onboard supported employees in countries where you don’t have existing entities.

Global Transactions

Traditionally, closing transactions meant creating foreign entities in each country you’ve acquired assets. Without having to set up foreign entities, you can seamlessly execute transactions on the fastest path to close.

Use International PEO to simplify your
global transaction process:

Mergers and Acquisition Transactions Diagram

Drive global transaction results with International PEO:

Close transactions quicker

Increase purchase power

Ensure compliance

Classify workers properly

Retain workers

Solutions for Financial Sponsors

Move quickly to accelerate portfolio company growth. Without having to set up foreign entities, you can execute your investment thesis on day one and maximize your return on investment by focusing on increasing revenue and profit.

Use International PEO to simplify your
global expansion process:

Mergers and Acquisition Expansion Diagram

Drive global expansion results with International PEO:

Enter markets faster than ever

Expand with a light footprint

Ensure compliance

Classify workers properly

Increase supported employee satisfaction

“The Velocity Global team is always there to answer any questions that my [supported] employees or I have, and guide us through the next steps as we navigate this growth.”

— Tiina Topal, VP of Human Resources, HMD Global

Build your distributed team.

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Employer of Record

Independent Contractor Compliance

Contractor Classification

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Contractor Management (Agent of Record)

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