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Webinar: Top Global Markets
for Tech Growth: 2019 and Beyond

By August 29, 2019 No Comments
webinar graphic; Top Global Markets for Tech Growth

Tech firms on both sides of the Atlantic continue to expand internationally in order to increase revenue and expand their customer bases. But firms aren’t pursuing global expansion just to drive revenue growth; 44% of U.S. and UK tech firms are looking to the world’s top markets for the brightest talent to fuel their expansion endeavors. But how can companies know which markets offer the deepest talent pools and the most-promising growth opportunities?

Top Global Markets for Tech Growth: 2019 and Beyond

Velocity Global Founder and CEO, Ben Wright, led this webinar highlighting the top markets for tech firms seeking growth and exceptional talent—including emerging (and perhaps surprising) markets. Ben covered how firms can evaluate each market to determine which best aligns with their growth objectives, plan for challenges, and how to identify the markets firms’ competitors may be seeking out as well.

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