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Easily Onboard and Pay Your Contractors

Quickly bring on contractors and pay in just a few clicks.

Pay your contractors in four easy steps.

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1. Get Started
Log into our platform, enter pay, get monthly estimated cost for your talent.

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2. Onboard
Offer talent your contract or one of ours, have them upload their documents, and they’re ready to go.

3. Invoice
Your contractor submits their invoice and you approve it—all using our simple, cloud-based technology.

4. Pay
Once you approve the invoice, your contractor receives payment. It’s that easy.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Can my contractors be paid in their local currency?

Your contractors can be paid in the currency outlined at the time of their engagement or their local currency. However, we recommend aligning your agreement currency with the payment currency, with guidance from your internal finance and HR teams. The currencies we currently provide are US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Swiss Franc, Pound Sterling, Polish złoty, krona SEK, and Israeli New Shekel.

If my contractor is paid in non-USD currency, will an FX fee be charged?

You will be charged a flat processing fee per invoice which covers the expense of processing the payment, the currency conversion, and administration costs.

Does Velocity Global hold the agreement with the contractor, or does my organization hold it?

Your organization is responsible for reviewing the agreement and contracting directly with your worker. This agreement can be stored in our platform.

Does this product include legal review of our contractor agreements for compliance?

Our Contractor Payments product provides you a platform to onboard, manage and pay your contractors. We will also provide you with a template contract which you may use as a basis for your agreement with the contractor. However, the onus to ensure the contractor is compliant within local markets sits with the contractor and you as the recipient of their services. If you need help assessing the compliance of your agreements, check out our Contractor Management (Agent of Record) product. It provides an assessment to determine whether your worker is a contractor or employee and ensures contractor compliance as it applies to local labor laws.

What payment methods can I use?

Businesses can pay contractor invoices by ACH and SEPA.

How do I ensure compliance and avoid any potential penalties?

While we don’t offer legal advice, you can use our locally compliant contract templates as a basis for your agreement with the contractor and platform checklist to stay on top of contractor management.

I am a contractor, how do I sign up?

You can sign up and enter our platform once you receive an email invitation from your client.

What if I am an existing customer of Velocity Global?

Great! You can begin onboarding your contractors with a click of a button from within our platform. If you have questions, you can always reach out to your client services team for assistance.

I already work with contractors. Can I use Velocity Global to manage and pay them?

Absolutely! You can bring your own contractor agreement or use one of our country-specific templates that have been created and vetted by local experts.