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Powering Your Global Workforce: Velocity Global’s Integration with Oracle HCM


The success of our customers is the driving force behind our continuous innovation. We deeply comprehend the obstacles that HR leaders encounter while maneuvering the complexities of global hiring and workforce management. Challenges like managing employee information across multiple platforms, struggling with non-integrated systems for critical employment data, and communicating to employees without up-to-date profiles are areas where we strive to provide effective solutions.

In today's fast-paced world, efficient and compliant workforce management is crucial. Velocity Global provides the essential tools to help you achieve success in your global hiring and management endeavors.

We’ve integrated with Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, a leading cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software suite for global HR, talent, and workforce management. This integration represents a significant step forward in streamlining and simplifying global workforce management.

By leveraging the partnership between Velocity Global and Oracle, organizations can experience enhanced data visibility for their global workforce. Through integration with our Global Work Platform™, Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM offers shared customers the ability to reduce employment and talent management risks more efficiently.

No More Silos, Only Synergy

With our integration, we enable enhanced data visibility between the Oracle Cloud HCM platform and our Global Work Platform™. You can synchronize custom fields, streamline record keeping, and efficiently manage onboarding and relevant employee data.

This seamless connection minimizes redundant and error-prone data entry and ensures your employee and job data are always up to date. It also streamlines work processes by notifying the appropriate team member so shared employees get real-time updates on employee contracts as soon as their actions are required.

Key benefits include:

  • Increased accuracy and efficiency. Enhance the accuracy of your record keeping, saving you valuable time and resources so you can allocate more attention to other essential aspects of managing your business efficiently.
  • Reduced data entry errors. Enter your data in one place, reducing the risk of errors from inputting the same information in multiple systems.
  • Elevated candidate experience. Keep applicants engaged by offering support above and beyond the norm. Important information seamlessly transfers from our Global Work Platform™ to Oracle Cloud HCM when your talent is ready to onboard.

With Velocity Global's seamless integration with Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, our customers gain a strategic edge, supercharging their global expansion efforts. An expedited hiring process—efficient, compliant, and fully managed—enables businesses to onboard top global talent faster than competitors, reducing time to productivity and propelling them ahead in the race for innovation and market dominance. The Oracle Cloud HCM system also includes functions that allow HR managers to communicate directly with employees.

Additionally, this integration ensures data protection for sensitive employee information—an increasingly important concern in the digital age. Organizations can put their employees' minds at ease, knowing their confidential data is protected. 


Whether you are looking for HR management solutions to help you build your global workforce, achieve your next stage of expansion, or simply migrate to the cloud, our partnership with Oracle provides a full suite of HR capabilities with comprehensive support and integration features that will take your business to the next level. 

With our extensive international expertise and robust solutions combined with Oracle's advanced technology, we can help you streamline your HR operations and gain insights that support faster, more intelligent decision making for your global teams. 

Are you ready to take your HR management to the next level? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our integration with Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM.

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