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Living Abroad: Apartment Subscriptions for Remote Workers

For remote professionals conducting business abroad, accommodation matters. And there’s more than just hotels, hostels, and Airbnbs to choose from. Digital nomads are now staying in comfortable, well-furnished living spaces through apartment subscriptions, all while working from where they please.

What Are Apartment Subscriptions?

Apartment subscriptions allow remote professionals to gain access to a network of curated living spaces at a far lower cost than booking multiple one-off stays. With apartment subscription services, remote professionals can sign up via a website or app to quickly and conveniently book a variety of apartments.

Unlike Netflix or Spotify, the idea of subscribing to an apartment may seem strange, but it’s a very helpful way to maintain a remote residency.

When Should You Get an Apartment Subscription?

The best time to get an apartment subscription is when you frequently travel and work remotely. By having a subscription, you can stay in various cities without worrying about booking new accommodations. This solution makes traveling for work easier than ever before. Apartment subscriptions are beneficial for various work scenarios, including:


A workation mixes remote work with a much-needed vacation. Whether you’re traveling within your country or overseas, opting for a more luxurious place to stay during your working holiday can make your workation unforgettable.

Business Trip

Having a solid place to stay and work is important for business trips outside of your home city. From a short project to a months-long venture, finding the right apartment makes conducting business abroad much more manageable.

Working Abroad

If you’re considering traveling and working abroad for a long period of time, getting an apartment subscription is a smart move. By tapping into a network of living spaces that can be used month-to-month, you have more time to settle in and get comfortable in one place. Doing so gives you time to explore the neighborhood and city you’re living in.

What Are the Best Airbnb Alternatives?

The online and app-based service industry has opened the door to a number of unique subscriptions that specialize in renting apartments through short-term and long-term leases.

Below is a mix of apartment subscription options based on their cost, number of cities, number of properties, and international availability. One dollar sign ($) marks the lowest rental price, between $15-$50, and four dollar signs ($$$$) mark the highest rental price, between $5,000-$10,000 per night.

In post graphic of six difMferent apartment subscription companies including blueground, one fine stay, couchsurfing, landing, sentral and marriot

1. Blueground

  • Cost: $$
  • Cities: 22
  • Number of Properties: 6,000+
  • International Rentals: Yes

Founded in 2013, Blueground is an up-and-coming apartment subscription service website with more than 6,000 furnished residences in 22 cities, including Dubai, Istanbul, and Paris. Blueground focuses on finding credible private landlords and private management companies to build its network of safe, furnished, and ultimately chic apartments located in hip locales.

2. One Fine Stay

  • Cost: $$$
  • Cities: 50
  • Number of Properties: 5,000+
  • International Rentals: Yes

With more than 5,000 unique homes in more than 50 cities around the globe, One Fine Stay evolves the concept of curated living. Founded in 2009, this UK-based apartment subscription company has become a leader in the market by helping homeowners rent spaces to vetted guests. At the same time, guests gain access to a variety of special and safe homes around the world, ranging from mansions to houseboats.

3. Couchsurfing

  • Cost: $
  • Cities: 200k
  • Number of Properties: 12m+
  • International Rentals: Yes

As a more budget-friendly contrast to furnished apartments, Couchsurfing connects those seeking quick stays with a couch to crash on for a small monthly subscription fee. Through a network of more than 12 million verified hosts across 200,000 different cities and towns, Couchsurfing allows traveling remote workers to stay on a couch or extra bed for an inexpensive rate. The key concern with Couchsurfing is safety. With this service, it is up to Couchsurfers to review host profiles and use references to vet the safety of future hosts.

4. Landing

  • Cost: $$$
  • Cities: 350+
  • Number of Properties: 24,000
  • International Rentals: Yes

With 24,000 apartments in more than 350 cities, Landing is a premier entry in the fast-growing apartment subscription market. But what makes Landing stand out is guaranteed service in handling the entire apartment rental process, from start to finish. With help from Landing, you don’t have to spend hours searching for viable apartments that meet your budget, and your standards.

5. Sentral

  • Cost: $$$
  • Cities: 9
  • Number of Properties: 12
  • International Rentals: Yes

Sentral is a new entry to the market and is currently based in the United States, only. However, the company’s concept of renting recently built, stylish apartments as opposed to houses or other living spaces has a lot of appeal for young nomads. With locations in hip cities like Denver, Austin, and Miami, Sentral is creating a new network of living spaces for those tired of dealing with stateside hostels, Airbnbs, or hotels.

6. Homes & Villas by Marriott International

  • Cost: $$$$
  • Cities: 22
  • Number of Properties: 6,000+
  • International Rentals: Yes

When living abroad for work, booking a hotel is probably one of the most expensive options available. Then again, there’s Homes & Villas by Marriott International. This venture into the apartment subscription market by the top hotel chain takes the suite life a step further by renting out luxury homes across the world. From a beachside resort villa in the Dominican Republic to a remote wine plantation in Tuscany, you can turn your work trip abroad into a dream stay.

How to Select Your Ideal Apartment Subscription

Using an apartment subscription service makes finding a place to live while working abroad easier. Still, you need to take the necessary steps to find the space that’s right for you. To start making your decision:

Do Your Research

Look at different user reviews to see which aspects of an apartment subscription work and didn’t work. Check remote work forums to see which stays other nomads recommend. From here, search through the apartment subscription websites to find information on safety, destinations, and pricing.

Ask Social Media

Get recommendations from your friends and pose questions to various audiences about the best living spaces on social media. Use different social platforms to discover new sources of information about where people stayed and why. From there, research the recommendations you received through official websites and Google reviews.

Compare and Contrast

Create a pros and cons list of your ideal living space, then compare and contrast subscription services based on your criteria. Consider factors like location, safety, walkability, convenience, and price.

Consider a Short-Term Apartment Lease

Apartment subscription services offer living spaces for a monthly rate. But you can also consider paying a more consolidated price for a short-term lease, which is typically less expensive overall. At the same time, understanding the logistics of a short-term lease makes it possible for you to sublet your own living space while working abroad.

Can I Rent an Apartment for One Month or More?

Short-term leases are quite common and make it possible to have a dedicated place to stay for more than one month. Usually, under a short-term lease agreement, renters are required to stay between three to six months. But there are month-to-month agreements that allow for a quicker exit, making them perfect for on-the-go nomads. However, short-term leases can be expensive so be sure this option fits within your budget.

How to Sublet an Apartment for One Month or More

Short-term lease agreements allow you to sublease a personal living space while working abroad. This is a great cost-covering measure that helps pay for two living spaces at once. To sublet an apartment for one month or more, register with an apartment subscription service or property management company that can handle resident applications, background checks, and payment, and more.

Work and Travel in 185+ Countries and 50 United States

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