EOR Solutions In Action: Success Stories From Our Customers

EOR Solutions In Action: Success Stories From Our Customers

Our customers go global for all kinds of reasons. Some don’t want to be bound by borders when hiring top talent, while others want to retain talent who relocate internationally or hire talent to spearhead growth in new markets.

There is one thing they all have in common—an efficient, cost-effective way to onboard and manage their global talent while staying 100% compliant with local and international labor laws.

That’s us.

With the help of a global employer of record (EOR), organizations worldwide reap the benefits of easily hiring the people they need, retaining their star talent, supporting their workforce, and growing their business compliantly.

The best part is companies can accomplish all of this no matter where they or their talent reside—all while staying on budget.

Velocity Global supports businesses from every major industry—rocket builders, amusement parks, publishers, technology companies, and even cutting-edge investment firms.


Velocity Global's customers include major universities, global retail brands, NGOs, and nonprofits

Growing a Distributed Workforce

Many successful companies have leveraged our EOR solutions to grow their distributed workforce, retain talent, improve global mobility, and respond to changing conditions worldwide or within their own organization.

Disaster Relief

A non-profit global food relief company specializing in fast meal deployment to areas hit by disasters needed a reliable global HR specialist. They partnered with Velocity Global.

The company works with local restaurants and in-house staff to provide relief services. With our help, they quickly and easily hired locals in declared disaster zones, enabling them to maintain relief work as long as needed. This also freed up essential personnel to redeploy its setup experts in other disaster zones around the world.

Relief work is in a gray area between project work that can legally employ contractors and long-term work that requires full-time employment. EOR solutions help take the guesswork out of compliant hiring, onboarding, and distributed talent support.

Medical Technology

Digital diagnostics company Paige was forced to temporarily close its New York office due to the lockdown caused by COVID-19—but they still needed to find a way to hire top talent remotely.

The company enlisted the help of Velocity Global, who had successfully onboarded more than 35 supported employees across 11 countries in just one year.

Retaining Star Employees

Two co-workers collaborating on a project in a co-working space


As the Great Resignation and economic uncertainty continue to add challenges to organizations worldwide, attracting and retaining talent has become a top concern of CEOs in 2023.

The ability to retain star employees plays a pivotal role in Velocity Global’s success in helping businesses thrive.


Dragonfly Financial Technologies needed a way to ensure a compliant, smooth, and employee-friendly transition for its global workforce while completing a divestiture and launching as an independent company. To this end, it was critical to retain their key talent and ensure they would continue to have competitive, comprehensive benefits.

Dragonfly vetted a short list of global EOR solutions providers—but Velocity Global stood out because of our deep local expertise, exceptional communication, and willingness to go above and beyond to meet the company’s needs.

Velocity Global took care of onboarding, visas, payroll, local HR expertise, statutory and supplemental benefits, and everything else Dragonfly needed to complete the divestiture on time and keep its workforce intact during and after the transition.

Staying Compliant With an Expert Partner

Compliance with international and local laws and regulations is one of the most important parts of hiring across borders. Keeping track of changing rules and guidelines for regions worldwide requires a high level of expertise and a significant investment of time and resources.

Partnering with an expert like Velocity Global ensures your hiring process remains compliant and goes smoothly, no matter what part of the world you and your talent reside in.

Aircraft Manufacturing

Aviation is one of the most highly regulated industries on the planet—and one of the riskiest. Each country has different laws and regulations, which are incredibly strict.

An American light aircraft manufacturer needed to find qualified, flight-ready pilots for its sales team to support buyer pilots in local markets across the globe. The company partnered with Velocity Global, leveraging our extensive legal expertise to ensure its global sales team was compliant and ready for takeoff.


Two co-workers collaborating on a task in a co-working space

And Now, a Word From Our Customers

Companies that partner with Velocity Global enjoy a full suite of hiring, compliance, and payroll solutions that gives their workforce a world-class employment experience.

Here’s what some of our clients are saying about Velocity Global:

“Velocity Global takes a huge burden off my plate because I know our teams are well taken care of without having to worry about day-to-day administration.”
—Ellen B., Chief People Officer

“Over the past year, we've doubled—if not tripled—our global headcount. That growth has been largely thanks to our partnership with Velocity Global giving us the ability to capture talent all over the world. As our front-of-house, Velocity Global is the best in terms of offering an exceptional employee experience.”
—David A., VP of Finance & Operations

"I really like that Velocity Global makes it very easy and convenient for my company to hire international employees fairly quickly. Their customer service is very good, quick, and responsive.”
—Kim-Chi N., Operations Manager

Many of our clients have even referred us to their peers and collaborators. Because of this enthusiasm, we’ve launched our Client Referral Program, which allows us to give back to clients who recommend us.

Learn More About Our Client Referral Program

Want to learn more about why our customers love us? Contact us today.

If you are a current Velocity Global customer, reach out to your Relationship Manager to learn more about our Client Referral Program. Ask how you could earn up to $1000 in gift cards when recommending Velocity Global to a new, confirmed customer.

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