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How to Hire Faster Using Our Enhanced Onboarding Process

In today’s global economy, fast-growing companies cross borders to rapidly scale their workforces. But savvy HR leaders know that speed-to-market is only half the battle when it comes to going global. Companies must also provide a top-tier employee experience that helps them retain and attract top talent.

Offering a world-class employee experience starts with onboarding. When you smoothly and efficiently onboard new talent, you make a positive first impression that sets the tone for the entire employment relationship. You also protect one of your most precious resources: time.

That's where Velocity Global comes in. We understand the challenges that come with extending employment agreements, and we're excited to help you overcome them with our enhanced Onboarding Management process. Available in Australia, Canada, India, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom, our process streamlines onboarding so you can quickly grow your workforce and offer an outstanding employee experience—without adding to your workload.

Save Time and Boost Efficiency

We automate each stage of onboarding to help you onboard your new hires seamlessly and quickly. By combining industry-leading expertise with fast delivery, we help ensure you don't have to compromise on quality for speed.

Our Onboarding Management process streamlines the employment agreement experience for hiring managers using:

  • In-app onboarding forms
  • Automated contract review
  • Approvals through Juro
  • Secure contract signature with DocuSign

Each of these features boosts speed and efficiency so you can quickly onboard new hires without sacrificing accuracy or security.

Self-Serve Quotes

One of the most exciting features of our enhanced Onboarding Management process is the ability to either self-serve your own quote or receive one through the Velocity Global process.

Self-serving your own quote allows you to skip the quoting process so you can start reviewing employment agreements sooner and hire candidates faster. Of course, if you prefer to receive a quote first, you can still interact directly with our sales team to review and approve a quote before onboarding.

Contract Management With Full Control

Our enhanced Onboarding Management process guides you through the entire life cycle of creating, reviewing, submitting, and managing employment contracts. Start by easily filling out contract details directly in our Global Work Platform™. Then you can securely review, edit, and comment on employment agreements in Juro, our trusted contract automation partner.

Once you’ve approved the contract, we automatically send it to your supported employee to review on our Global Work Platform™. Then, your supported employee can sign it using DocuSign. Once signed, the contract will automatically appear in the supported employee’s profile in the Global Work Platform™. From there, it can be accessed by anyone who has permission.

The Onboarding Management process ensures a smooth onboarding experience for your hires while giving you the control and visibility you need to manage your employees' contracts. This new process is live within our Global Work Platform™ and automatically initiates whenever you onboard talent in our supported countries.

Simplify Onboarding With Velocity Global

Speed, ease, efficiency, and quality are no longer mutually exclusive when it comes to onboarding global talent. Our Onboarding Management process helps you streamline the crucial first steps of your relationship with new talent so you can offer an exceptional employee experience without extra time or hassle.

Ready to simplify onboarding and make life easier for you and your talent? Reach out today to find out how our new Onboarding Process can help.

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