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Introducing Team Everywhere: Our New Brand for the Borderless World of Work

Author: Greg Brauner, Chief Marketing Officer

Velocity Global is excited to reveal our new brand identity, product UI, and website. This marks a big milestone in our growth journey. We’ve spent years helping businesses all over the world expand their reach and now we’re evolving our brand to reflect our commitment to our mission and customers. This is more than just a new look—this is our next step in shaping how businesses and people everywhere work together. 

There’s a world of talent just waiting to change everything for your business—but hiring is the hardest thing. Building a distributed workforce means working outside the box. 

That’s why we’re here, to make opportunity borderless for people everywhere. 

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“I was drawn to Velocity Global because of the impact it can have for people and businesses around the world. Our elevated brand mirrors a relentless commitment to helping our customers follow their business vision without limits and to provide people everywhere with a borderless workforce,” said Frank Calderoni, Velocity Global CEO. "Together with significant enhancements to our technology platform, updated integrations with partners across the industry, and more seamless and self-service support for our customers, this new brand represents an exciting new chapter for Velocity Global."

Frank Calderoni
CEO, Velocity Global

The world is a different place with Velocity Global, both for businesses and talent. The borders that have contained us for so long no longer apply—there doesn’t have to be restrictions on who we hire, where we work, or who we work for. Opportunity is everywhere. 

Our new brand tells the interconnected story of the worlds we inhabit at work and in our personal lives. To bring our story to life we partnered with world-renowned branding agency, Red Antler. Our visual and verbal identity reflect a vibrant global experience that is now possible when businesses can expand their reach and grow beyond borders—And free people to live how they want while being able to pursue their career ambitions. Distributed work is about more than getting a job done, it’s giving people the opportunity to show up for their family the same way they show up for their team. 

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Velocity Global is the team leading the future of work and our new brand celebrates just that:

  • Our bold logo and typography, and vibrant color palette reflects the modern world of work. We are ushering a new and bold era in the future of work.   
  • We are telling global stories with our new imagery which highlights the teams around the world that make up the global workforce.
  • Through dynamic graphics and global textures we are showing the expansive world of opportunity that opens up when you can hire anywhere.  
  • We’re excited to build a global future that celebrates diversity in every way, so we created a brand to reflect the unique human stories we see at work every day. 

"We want to reflect that the future of work is not rigid, restrictive, or like anything you’ve ever seen before. We created a brand that is dynamic and human and wildly global—that is a true reflection of how we live our lives. This is a brand about flexibility, energy, and being free to follow every aspiration," said Heather Mounsey, Velocity Global VP of Brand Experience. 

Heather Mounsey
VP of Brand Experience, Velocity Global

We are Team Everywhere. To learn more about how Velocity Global makes the world borderless, check out our homepage.

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