Staying Connected: Remote Tech That Lets You Work From Anywhere

Remote work is not possible without the right technology. From connecting through communication platforms like Slack and Zoom to establishing a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN), remote tech allows remote work to happen across the world.

Having the right technology to foster remote work is one of the most important parts of leaving the office behind. This article examines the nuances of remote technology and equips you with the tools to take your work anywhere.

Tracking the Rise of Remote Work

The relationship between remote work and technology has grown over the past several years, especially after the start of COVID-19 in 2020.

As our Velocity Global Work in Progress—The State of Distributed Work: Tech Sector report states, 72% of employees from U.S. and UK tech companies worked remotely throughout 2021.

This shift in work encouraged tech companies to refine their products to serve a new generation of professionals who need laptops, ultra-fast internet, and virtual meeting tools.

What Is Remote Technology?

Remote technology is a collection of tools and equipment that allows individuals to work from anywhere. This includes communication platforms, project management software, secure server setups, and wireless internet to create a functional workspace. Remote technology is important because it empowers connection, collaboration, and productivity between teams located across different cities and time zones.

Creating a Remote Tech Kit: Essential Tools for Remote Work

For remote professionals on the go, a tech kit is a carry-all pouch that holds your laptop, charger, headphones, wireless keyboard, mouse, hotspot booster, and other helpful gadgets that make work possible.

For the IT team assisting with your remote setup, a tech kit is the essential technical support that the remote professional needs to work remotely, ranging from secure VPN and Wi-Fi connections to remote ethernet access.

This list of six tech kit essentials will ensure you work remotely without issues:

Infographic of remote tech kit including symbols and descriptions for portable charger, headphones, wifi signal booster, hotspot router, VPN access and ethernet set up

Portable Charger

With a portable charger, also known as a power bank, your laptop or smartphone will never run out of power, which helps you stay connected on the go. Depending on how much current is being drawn, most portable chargers can hold 8-10 hours of battery life and can be recharged via USB.

Extra Headphones

Being able to take meetings and handle important calls in the midst of travel is important. A backup pair of headphones in your tech kit is the best way to listen in on meetings and speak clearly, without worrying about background noise or interruptions.

Wi-Fi Signal Booster

Having poor internet connectivity abroad is detrimental to completing work on time. With a Wi-Fi signal booster, you can maintain better internet connectivity, especially when staying in a place where the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

Secure Hotspot Router

A lack of strong Wi-Fi is common while traveling abroad, but this is where a mobile hotspot can help. With a hotspot, you can create your own Wi-Fi network from your smartphone. If connectivity is slow, getting a secure hotspot router boosts your signal while ensuring no one breaches your network.

VPN Access

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is crucial for working securely abroad. This type of network prevents hacking and data breaches by rerouting important information through a secure server.

Wireless Ethernet Setup

Beyond a signal booster or hotspot router, another route to better connectivity is through wireless ethernet. By using a Wi-Fi bridge ethernet router, your Wi-Fi signal converts into LAN jacks,  providing a more stable connection.

How Does Technology Enable Remote Working?

With the right technology, remote work is accessible, productive, and secure. Using your tech kit and working with IT professionals to get everything you need enables you to work from anywhere. Here’s what utilizing the right tech means for conducting business abroad:

  • Fluid logistics. No matter where you choose to work from, you can get connectivity and access.
  • Mobile workspace. With a solid tech kit in hand, you can set everything up, power on, and quickly connect to your team.
  • Better connectivity. Using Wi-Fi signal boosters and hotspot routers helps you find a connection and stay connected without issue.
  • Stronger cybersecurity. By gaining access to a secure Wi-Fi network or remote VPN, you don’t have to worry about breaches in security.

Stay Connected With Remote Tech Solutions

Establishing your remote technology setup and tech kit is essential for staying connected and being productive while working remotely. Whether you're relocating to a different city or working from a new country, finding a comprehensive workforce solution ensures you stay compliant with employment and tax laws wherever you go.

Velocity Global offers a full suite of workforce solutions, enabling you to work remotely in 185 countries and 50 United States. Reach out today to learn more.

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