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Types of Remote Jobs: 25 Ways to Work Remotely From Anywhere

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Sixteen percent of global companies are fully remote. That might not seem like much, but when you take into account that there are an estimated 214 million companies worldwide it might help you realize just how influential remote work is.

The number of people interested in remote work is skyrocketing. After many were forced into their home offices because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many found themselves not wanting to leave.

If you’re part of the group that is wondering how to break into remote work, we’ve compiled a list of remote jobs that spans various global industries.

Graphic of remote job examples. Jobs include sales and marketing, software management, content creation, service industry, and business admin.

Remote Sales and Marketing Jobs

Jobs in sales and marketing typically involve customer or client interaction, but they don’t usually handle sensitive information or require many in-person meetings. To work in sales or marketing, you typically only need a computer, an internet connection, and a phone.

1. Marketing Manager

Median salary: $137,000

Duties: Marketing managers are in control of a company or agency’s marketing department. They work to ideate campaigns for their employer or client that reach audiences and drive sales, and are usually in charge of a team of people who assist in the agency or company’s marketing efforts.

2. Sales Representative

Median salary: $65,000

Duties: A sales representative is in charge of selling a product to a consumer, agency, or other entity. This job typically involves cold-calling potential customers to try to sell them on your product, or conducting email outreach campaigns.

3. Public Relations Specialist

Median salary: $63,000

Duties: Public relations specialists act as a liaison between their client or employer and the public. They’re responsible for writing press releases when there is news or an upcoming announcement to share, handling any image crises that arise, and coordinating interviews between their employer and the media.

4. Social Media Specialist

Median salary: $57,000

Duties: Social media specialists handle the way their clients or employers come across online. You know how companies sometimes go viral for an especially good tweet — or an especially rough blunder? Usually, a social media specialist is behind it all. Social media specialists typically handle their work on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and schedule their content on project management platforms.

5. SEO Specialist 

Median salary: $57,000

Duties: Search engine optimization (SEO) involves finding ways to optimize your website and content so it ranks higher on search engines and drives more people to your site. SEO specialists are experts on how to rank and often identify and execute changes to blog content in order to rank higher.

Remote Content Creation Jobs

There are many types of content — from the written word to photographs, videos, and even social media posts. Content creators can find many different ways to break into this vast field.

6. Copywriter 

Median salary: $67,000

Duties: Simply put, copywriters write some form of copy for themselves or their employer. There are many different ways to become a writer — but the basic tools you need are a computer and some creativity. You can get hired by a company to write content for their website or blog or by an agency to create content for clients, or you can become an author.

7. Graphic Designer

Median salary: $53,000

Duties: Graphic designers use their artistic skills to create visuals for a company or agency. They also work on the layout of physical elements like brochures, flyers, or other materials. Some even design social media posts for their employer. Graphic design is an artistic field that requires artistic know-how and creativity.

8. Copy Editor

Median salary: $63,000

Duties: Copy editors are the backbone of any copywriting organization. They proofread copy to check for any spelling, grammatical, or factual errors. They clean up the copy to make sure it is optimized for the public. Copy editors may work for agencies, magazines, newspapers, or anywhere else that produces content.

9. Art Director

Median salary: $97,000

Duties: Art directors build and manage a company or agency’s graphic design department. They are responsible for the aesthetics of the company they work for and often oversee the department responsible for creating visual content.

10. Content Moderator

Median salary: $52,000

Duties: Content moderators are responsible for things that are published on their company’s website, from comments to videos or images. Oftentimes, content moderators work for social media platforms, job boards, or other places where the public can post to make sure nothing inappropriate is being added to the platform.

Remote Software Management or Engineering Jobs

Those who are tech-savvy can find their footing in software or engineering. Jobs working with computers often require a lot of technical knowledge and the ability to solve problems.

11. Web Developer or UX Designer

Median salary: $77,000

Duties: Web developers create and maintain websites. This could mean handling any optimization or interface changes they wish to make in order to make their website more user-friendly. They also audit the site for ways to improve usability by updating navigation, pagination, or other things.

12. Software Developer

Median salary: $110,000

Duties: Software developers are responsible for creating computer programs. Some are responsible for building or fixing bugs on applications for mobile or desktop use, while others are responsible for building operating systems that computers use to run.

13. Technical Support

Median salary: $55,000

Duties: Technical support specialists (also called IT support) help make sure computer networks are up and running and provide help to customers using their network. They may need to diagnose and repair network failures, talk customers through computer issues, or perform other technical duties.

14. Medical Coder

Median salary: $45,000

Duties: Medical coders or information specialists organize and manage health care information data. They update patient records with appropriate codes to help manage billing and the patient’s care plan.

15. Data Entry Keyer

Median salary: $36,000

Duties: Data entry keyers take compiled data, verify it, and enter it into a data collection system. Theyneed to be able to analyze the data, spot any errors, and remove them before the data is entered. Legal offices, government offices, accounting firms, and laboratories hire data entry keyers.

Remote Service Jobs

These jobs involve performing a service for someone else and are often customer- or client-facing. Remote service jobs can be fulfilling as well as challenging.

16. Virtual Assistant

Median salary: $41,000

Duties: Assistants are responsible for clerical and organizational tasks. Virtually, these tasks include scheduling interviews or appointments, booking travel and creating a travel itinerary, answering phone calls, and organizing the virtual workspace.

17. Customer Service Representative

Median salary: $36,000

Duties: Customer service representatives interact with a company's customers to handle complaints, manage orders, and answer questions. These queries are often fielded via email, chat, or telephone.

18. Tutor

Median salary: $39,000

Duties: Tutors instruct students individually or in groups via video conferencing platforms. This type of remote tutoring is especially helpful for people teaching international students their home language, but can even work with people who live in the same area.

19. Interpreter or Translator

Median salary: $52,000

Duties: Companies — especially global companies — hire interpreters or translators to translate content or meetings from one language to another. These jobs are available in many different fields, from medical to legal.

20. Medical Transcriptionist 

Median salary: $35,000

Duties: Medical transcriptionists — also called health care documentation specialists — listen to voice recordings from physicians or other health care workers and convert them into written reports. They also convert shorthand jargon into long-form documentation, edit medical documents, and clean up medical copy.

Remote Business and Business Administration Jobs

The backbone of any business is often found in its operations, finance, and human resources teams. These jobs are all about helping a company run smoothly.

21. Human Resources Specialist

Median salary: $63,000

Duties: Human resources professionals oversee the culture at an organization. They are responsible for screening applicants and onboarding new hires, while also making sure current employees are happy. They may also handle benefits, training, and payroll administration.

22. Accountant

Median salary: $73,000

Duties: If you’re good at math, accounting could be a profitable career for you. Accountants are responsible for interpreting and compiling a company’s financial records. They usually run monthly audits of a company’s accounts, document financial transactions, analyze their findings, and make recommendations on how a company can be more financially literate.

23. Financial Analyst

Median salary: $83,000

Duties: Financial analysts help people make money. These analysts assess markets, stocks, and bonds to help companies or individuals invest their money correctly. They also guide these entities to smart, healthy financial decisions.

24. Insurance Underwriter

Median salary: $72,000

Duties: Insurance underwriters help decide if an applicant is a good fit for an insurance policy, then guide them to the correct one. They also create and write the policy’s terms.

25. Business Development Manager

Median salary: $115,000

Duties: Training and development managers oversee an organization’s workforce trajectory. They help plan the workforce, identify growth opportunities, and create training materials. They also oversee internal training programs and help employees grow their careers internally.

Which Remote Jobs Pay the Best? 

Chart illustrating high-paying remote jobs. Jobs include researcher, marketing manager, sales manager, web developer, project mgmt specialist, business dev manager, accountant and insurance underwriter.

Salaries fluctuate by field, location, and even experience level. Two people who have the same job may not make the same wage, depending on where they live, how much experience they have, or a variety of other factors.

However, we’ve compiled a list of high-paying remote jobs that includes:

    • Researcher ($70,000-$80,000)
    • Marketing Manager ($150,000-$160,000)
    • Sales Manager ($155,000-$160,000)
    • Web Developer ($110,000-$120,000)
    • Project Management Specialist ($80,000-$90,000)

What Is the Easiest Way to Get a Remote Job? 

In today’s market, scoring a remote job isn’t too different from getting an in-office one. Many companies are actively seeking remote candidates and don’t think location is a barrier for hiring. The only main difference between an in-person and virtual job search is that interviews are conducted via a video conferencing platform rather than in a meeting room.

To find remote positions, visit a fully remote job board or specify you’re looking for remote work in your search on a traditional job board. The rest of the application process is similar to any other job hunt.

Can I Get a Remote Job With No Experience?

With the ever-growing remote workforce, it is possible to get a remote job with no prior remote experience. There are many entry-level positions open at many companies throughout the country.

A few examples of entry-level remote jobs include:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Copy editor
  • Copywriter
  • Social media assistant

Find Your Place in the Remote Workforce

Those looking to ditch the office and work from anywhere don’t have to look very far. Remote positions are open throughout the globe. And if you’re looking to become one of the many people that has decided to work while living aboard, a global compliance partner can help navigate the logistics.

Contact us to see how we can help.

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