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Velocity Global: Enabling Positive Business Outcomes Through HR Teams

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Velocity Global, a leader in the global employer of record (EOR) landscape, has emerged as a beacon of distinction and stability within the industry. Our leadership position has been strengthened through consistent recognition, securing praise from two separate industry-leading analyst firms, NelsonHall and Everest Group, for the second consecutive year. Velocity Global is a leader in both NelsonHall’s 2023 Global EOR Services NEAT vendor evaluation as well as Everest Group’s 2023 Employer of Record (EOR) Solutions PEAK Matrix® Assessment.

NelsonHall and Everest Group each use their own rigorous evaluation framework to identify leaders in the EOR industry. The recognition shows that Velocity Global understands and sets high standards for excellence in the EOR space.

We pave the way for HR teams to evolve into strategic enablers, driving efficiency and becoming the heralds of organizational progress.

Our EOR solution positions HR teams as pivotal contributors, symbolizing the very essence of success within their organizations.

Velocity Global is an established leader within the EOR industry

NelsonHall and Everest Group are well-established industry experts, each with an in-depth understanding of the HR tech space and the EOR field in particular.

For their evaluations, both analyst firms interviewed Velocity Global customers, collected data on employee experience, and received demos of our platform to identify our leadership status in the EOR industry.

As leading industry analyst firms, both NelsonHall and Everest Group used proprietary methodologies that take into account the following criteria:

  • Technology. Everest Group highlighted and applauded our Global Work Platform™, which allows customers to onboard, manage, and review payroll for employees and contractors through a single touch point.
  • Expertise. Our offerings span across EOR and global workforce management in over 185 countries. We support customers with diverse needs, from global immigration to statutory health benefits and pensions. We help companies onboard global talent and expand to new markets with in-country expertise and a comprehensive global workforce management program.
  • Tenure. Velocity Global's extensive track record as a leading global EOR since 2014 means that our customers leverage our experience employing talent for thousands of brands in 185+ countries. 
    Customer success. Our customers cite strong support, expertise in every region, including Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania, and a sharp focus on compliance as our biggest strengths, according to Everest Group.
  • Strategic direction. NelsonHall recognized our long-term vision and strategic decision to use Series B funding to invest in technology, sales, and marketing and explore further acquisitions.

Velocity Global is a consistent industry leader. So, what does this mean for customers?

Our capabilities set us apart from the competition

Velocity Global’s industry leadership position is based on the breadth and depth of our offerings, bidirectional integrations with other prominent HR tools, and deep expertise in global employment practices.

Breadth and depth of offerings

We provide a wide array of solutions covering EOR, supplementary benefits, perks, and equity management across more than 185 countries.

Our solutions cater to companies of various scales, providing support for global immigration and statutory benefits such as pensions and healthcare. We also help customers offer employee and non-employee stock options and restricted stock units (RSUs).

Bidirectional integrations with other prominent HR tools

Our bidirectional integrations facilitate seamless two-way data flow, enabling customers to swiftly and dependably transfer data between their HRIS, HCM, or ATS systems. This minimizes the need for manual data entry, allowing customers to redirect their time toward core business objectives. 

Tenured experience and deep expertise

NelsonHall found that many companies value several key things when choosing an EOR vendor: timely access to subject matter expertise and international HR and payroll experience. Our depth of experience in the EOR industry instills trust in customers, ensuring compliant HR procedures to make global expansion a far easier process. 

Enabling HR teams to drive positive business outcomes

At Velocity Global, we enable HR teams to drive positive business outcomes by facilitating new revenue opportunities, lowering costs to businesses, and mitigating compliance risks.

Find out how we helped one of our customers solve a challenging hiring problem that was delaying their growth and success. 

Customer story: Finding specialized talent across the globe

Materialize, a New York-based tech company, faced challenges in hiring specialized software engineers with the requisite expertise to work on their sophisticated database. Materialize identified ideal candidates in Spain and Germany, but without having a legal entity in those countries, the company needed a quick way to compliantly hire the candidates. Seeking a fast and reliable solution, Materialize partnered with Velocity Global.

Velocity Global swiftly and compliantly onboarded Materialize’s software engineers in Germany and Spain, ensuring the company could meet its escalating demand. The partnership extended beyond hiring, with ongoing support to keep the international team content and productive.

Materialize continues to entrust Velocity Global with its international hiring needs, valuing our commitment, clear communication, and exceptional effort in ensuring compliance and tackling any international employment challenges.

Materialize's partnership with Velocity Global helped it hire specialized talent across borders. The collaboration enabled swift employee onboarding and provided ongoing support to meet the company's growing demands while ensuring compliance and overcoming complex hiring challenges.

Read the Materialize case study to learn more about how we helped this tech company quickly and compliantly hire specialized talent abroad.

Velocity Global: Redefining success for global HR teams

With a longstanding presence as a prominent EOR provider, Velocity Global has secured and maintained a respected leadership position in the industry. Our position as a leader in the EOR industry and breadth of experience have helped numerous customers achieve positive business outcomes.

At Velocity Global, we pioneer the transformation of HR teams into strategic assets within their organizations. Our achievement is rooted in the success of HR teams evolving into pivotal contributors, positioning them as the heroes driving organizational progress.

Transform your global HR capabilities by contacting Velocity Global today.

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