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Integrations: How Velocity Global Partnered With Consensys to Make Global Hiring Seamless

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Quickly and compliantly hiring the best talent is critical for the success of global companies. Automated processes and faster workflows can ensure that customers never lose in-demand candidates due to delayed onboarding processes. That’s why Velocity Global integrates our Global Work Platform with industry-leading HR technologies such as BambooHR, Greenhouse, HiBob, Lever, Namely, Workable, Ashby, JazzHR, and Oracle HCM.

Read on to learn how Velocity Global strategically partnered with leading blockchain and web3 software company, Consensys, to implement a Greenhouse integration to take their hiring process to the next level. 

Eliminating long lead times for global hires

Consensys was in rapid growth mode: the HR team was tasked with hiring and onboarding upwards of 400 people in a single year. Speed to market and staying ahead depended on scaling quickly to continue fast-paced development. Whenever a great candidate was found, it was crucial that the hiring process moved quickly to avoid losing valuable talent.

By working with Velocity Global as an Employer of Record (EOR) solution, Consensys was greatly increasing their access to the best talent pool in countries where they lacked entities. However, the added complexity of working with an external vendor and maintaining EOR compliance was causing the hiring process to lag with long, complex exchanges of information. 

 “I was seeing an extremely long 3-4 week lead time from when we made a verbal offer to a candidate to them successfully being onboarded with Velocity Global.” Sarah Howe, Consensys’s VP of Talent Acquisition, said. “We were losing candidates in that waiting period because the market was so hot and moving so quickly—that is what prompted the work that I then undertook with the team at Velocity Global.”

Howe and Velocity Global agreed that the lead time needed to be cut down drastically to ensure Consensys was able to hire and retain the best possible talent.

Prioritizing security and a single source of truth

By strategically partnering with Consensys, Velocity Global was able to start building out a Greenhouse integration to help decrease the time to onboard for potential candidates. 

There were a few conditions that had to be met in addition to the decreased lead time to determine the success of the integration:

  • The integration needed to eliminate duplicate work for Howe’s team and facilitate an exchange of information between systems without human data input
  • A bidirectional sync between Greenhouse and Velocity Global’s platform had to support the Consensys team’s goal for maintaining a single source of truth for candidates
  • The integration could not create any data vulnerabilities, as sensitive information moved between systems 

Despite the concerns about security,  Velocity Global was able to break down how each of those would be addressed through weekly demos, conducting multiple rounds of testing, and building out customized filters to protect sensitive data. ”Your team went above and beyond. They just did such an outstanding job and were prompt at allaying my concerns.” Howe mentions. “I cannot stress how phenomenal your team was. They articulated exactly what their vision was, provided a project management tool to track progress, and held weekly demos and syncs.”

The magic of integrations: 700% faster

Once the integration was implemented, the effects and benefits were felt immediately. The 3-4 week lead time was drastically reduced to 2-3 days. “That was the biggest metric of success and the problem we were looking to solve. When the first one went out within three days, I was like, ‘am I dreaming? This is incredible.’ 

Because of the integration, hiring managers no longer noticed a difference between hiring someone in a country where they have registered an entity and utilizing Velocity Global’s Employer of Record (EOR) where an entity isn’t present. “With the countries we have entities in, we manage the offer process. It happens within 24 hours. And so to have Velocity Global match our speed to hire on that front is great.”

Howe’s team rejoiced as they experienced an immediate difference. “We're limiting the data handling, human error, and time delays. It's kind of magical the way the integration works.” There was no more tedious copying and pasting of long Excel documents or manually entering duplicate information. This both decreased human error and created more bandwidth for Howe’s team to focus on finding the best talent.

“My team was thrilled they no longer need to complete the lengthy Excel spreadsheets anymore. And they were just so thrilled to have that workload automated. They absolutely love it.” Howe mentions.

The way Velocity Global approached the work behind the integrations was professional, supportive, and every single call that I got on the team assured me, ‘We're going to make this work. We are going to make this work.’ So I always had this really great sense of optimism through a true partnership with Velocity Global.
Sarah Howe
Consensys’s VP of Talent Acquisition

A true strategic partnership

Velocity Global’s strategic partnership and collaboration-first approach with Consensys set the tone to make this integration such a success. 

“For any companies that are thinking about implementing integrations with Velocity Global, I would highly recommend it. I'm a huge advocate. I cannot stress how much this has absolutely changed the game for us.” 

As markets remain hot and the world moves towards automation and efficiency as a basic standard in all things hiring, Velocity Global’s robust integrations can help keep your team up to speed and even ahead of the curve. 

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