A diverse team collaborate on providing global mobility and EoR services to their clients

Velocity Global Teams Up With Vialto Partners

With the current economic landscape continuing to upend our expectations and cause disruptions in virtually every industry, going global is becoming more and more necessary.

The need to rapidly respond to changing global conditions, expand your organization’s reach, and stay innovative means you need to hire the best. However, there’s no guarantee the best will even live in your postcode or country—or that they will want to stay there.

But hiring across borders isn’t quite as simple as switching your meetings to Zoom. You’ll need the infrastructure and expertise to compliantly pay your global talent, administer benefits, and more.

The best way to support your international employees depends on your particular business needs—and everyone’s needs are different. That’s why we’re combining our efforts with Vialto Partners to make it even easier to find solutions that fit yours.

Introducing Our Partnership With Vialto

Velocity Global is proud to announce that we are officially teaming up with Vialto Partners, a market-leading global mobility solutions provider.

While both companies offer some similar services to their customers, thanks to this partnership, Velocity Global clients will enjoy an even more comprehensive offering that fits the needs of our customers—no matter what those needs are.

Vialto has moved thousands of executives and managers around the world, all while ensuring compliance with local labor, tax, and immigration laws. Our partnership now allows us to offer seamless support to clients seeking global mobility solutions.

About Vialto Partners

Vialto Partners is a leading provider of globally integrated solutions supporting workforce mobility, including immigration, tax, business travel, and compensation and rewards. With more than 50 years of experience, it brings the technology, tools, and expertise to help organizations overcome the most difficult global mobility obstacles, and all while ensuring its clients and their employees have a consistent and compliant experience.

Vialto allows its clients to explore the feasibility of alternative employment structures as well as support their remote teams all over the world. Whether you need help compliantly facilitating short-term, long-term, or permanent relocation of your talent, Vialto’s proven track record of providing global mobility solutions means you can rest easy knowing that your talent is in the hands of the best.

Combined with our cloud-based technology platform and support solutions, our customers can consider even more options than before when deciding how to compliantly hire, pay, and manage talent anywhere in the world—even in places where they don’t have a local entity already established.

With this new partnership, Velocity Global and Vialto make it easier than ever to compliantly expand your global workforce.

Realize Your Global Ambitions

Whether your company is small or large, based in one local area or distributed multinationally, global expansion leads to a broader market share, increased profitability, improved agility for your organization, and greater diversity and inclusivity in your workforce—all of which are crucial for thriving in the face of economic uncertainty. We make it simple to hire the talent you need to realize and achieve your goals.

Vialto Partners and Velocity Global each bring a wealth of experience and expertise to global workforce management, allowing you to hire your dream team without the headaches that come with executing international compliance, onboarding, benefits administration, and payroll. Our focus is on helping your organization make the transition to new markets as seamlessly and successfully as possible.

Together, Vialto Partners and Velocity Global provide a holistic set of solutions to help you establish a presence across borders quickly and compliantly, including:

Start Building Your Dream Team Today

Velocity Global and Vialto Partners offer world-class solutions to help you to compliantly hire, pay, and manage talent all over the world.

Contact us today to start building your global dream team.

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