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Hiring global teams

International PEO Services

Quickly and compliantly onboard, pay, and manage your international workforce.

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A PEO company to help you grow your team in new markets.

Global expansion offers enormous opportunities for any growing business—don’t allow the logistics of managing a global workforce be a barrier. Let an expert partner handle quick and compliant market entry, employee onboarding, and payroll and benefits, so you can focus on running your business. A global PEO company is your best chance to grow and expand your business quickly, compliantly and cost-effectively.

What is PEO ?

International PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is a global solution for PEO employment services that enables companies to hire supported employees anywhere in the world quickly, compliantly, and without the burden of establishing a foreign legal entity.

International PEO - What it is

How it works ?

Velocity Global utilizes its global infrastructure and locally compliant employment contracts to hire your workforce, and becomes their legal Employer of Record—so you can focus on running your business.

International PEO - How it Works

See how PEO works on an international scale.

It’s time to bypass the headaches of international expansion. Global PEO services can help you tap into new markets around the world quickly and compliantly.


Our International PEO Approach

As your dedicated Employer of Record (EoR), our in-house experts hire workers in-country directly on your behalf. We handle risk mitigation and compliance to take care of the big picture—while you maintain day-to-day control of your employees.

Benefit from a trusted Employer of Record.

Make going global a reality with International PEO. You can benefit from:

  • Fast market entry to get you up and running in a new country quicker than entity establishment
  • Cost savings when compared to establishing a foreign entity and ongoing maintenance costs in-country
  • Risk mitigation by ensuring your company, intellectual property, and supported employees are protected
  • Streamlined process with a provider that manages compliance, payroll, and benefits, simplifying your international invoicing

Entity setup isn’t the only option.

Hear advice from one executive on how International PEO could have spared this company the headaches and complexities of foreign entity establishment using global PEO services.

What makes Velocity Global different?

Premium 24/7 Support

Our teams provide the highest level of support for you and your valued workforce—anywhere, anytime.

Unmatched Expertise

Benefit from our teams of in-country experts you can trust to help you navigate new markets.

Comprehensive Benefits Packages

Attract top-tier talent worldwide with our competitive range of compliant benefits offerings.

185 Countries and Counting

Our established global infrastructure and capabilities in 185+ countries means you can scale nearly anywhere in the world.

Build your distributed team.

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Employer of Record

Independent Contractor Compliance

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Contractor Management (Agent of Record)

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Global Immigration

Global Benefits


International PEO Resources

Case Study: Transnetyx

Transnetyx onboarded supported employees quickly and compliantly—without fully committing to a new market. Read how.

How to Simplify Global Expansion with International PEO

Hire virtually anywhere in the world quickly, compliantly, and confidently with International PEO.

Quotation marks

“The speed, responsiveness, and service provided by Velocity Global exceeded our expectations. Its solution enabled us to compliantly onboard an [supported] employee in Canada in less than a week.”

—Jeanne Bauer, Vice President, Human Resources at MercuryGate