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Life Sciences Industry Solutions

Easily Grow Your International Workforce

Hire professionals with the skills you need, test new markets, and protect your intellectual property.

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Quickly and compliantly hire the best international talent.

Life sciences companies need highly specialized personnel that may not be available in their home market. Expedite onboarding and meet local labor law requirements across the globe.

  • Reduce time-to-market and build teams up to 90% faster than establishing a legal entity
  • Offer competitive benefits packages to attract professionals with in-demand expertise
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“As we continue to expand our business internationally, we needed a partner we could trust. We chose Velocity Global because of their expertise and ability to mitigate risk throughout the entire process.”

—Karen Woelke, Sales Operations Manager, Transnetyx

Save time and money when entering new markets.

Setting up a legal entity requires as much as $20,000 and takes up to four months. Decrease costs and enter new markets quickly to avoid losing revenue or market share to the competition.

  • Reduce market entry costs by up to 60% compared to entity establishment
  • Avoid annual entity maintenance fees of $200,000
  • Enter markets in as little as 48 hours and easily leave without long-term commitments

Increase retention with industry-leading support.

When you spend extensive time and internal resources sourcing top global talent, losing a team member is a big setback. Boost retention with regional support tailored to the unique needs of your international workforce.

  • Support your teams with local experts who quickly answer questions on pay, benefits, and more
  • Provide a stress-free experience for your teams from onboarding through everyday support

Protect your invaluable intellectual property.

IP is your most valuable asset. Secure your proprietary research, copyrights, patents, and more—no matter where your business takes you.

  • Draw up locally compliant employment contracts that safeguard IP and protect future valuations
  • Avoid lengthy and costly legal battles with foreign independent contractors

What can our team do for you?

Learn how we’ve helped hundreds of companies quickly and compliantly hire internationally.

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Entering a new market with speed and ease

Biotech company Transnetyx turned to Velocity Global to hire a salesperson in Germany and reach new customers without establishing a legal entity.

Accelerating the hiring of a key overseas employee

After locating the ideal executive candidate in the Netherlands, Convercent turned to Velocity Global to expedite every step of hiring, compliance, and ongoing workforce support.