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Successfully manage teams in multiple countries with the right combination of technology and expert support.

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Velocity Global Technology

Streamline workforce management and easily gain visibility into your global teams.

You need real-time insights to better manage your international workforce and remain compliant with worldwide market requirements. One platform gives you all of your global team’s information right at your fingertips—and industry-leading support when questions or issues arise.

Enhanced Compliance Clarity

Rely on one platform to integrate all global supported employee and country-specific information.

Centralized Data Management and Reporting

Produce customized reports for each of your global markets, and grant reporting rights only to those you select.

Efficient Onboarding and Offboarding

Manage and approve all contracts and salaries, and accommodate fluid personnel changes.

Flexible Payroll

Submit contractual, non-contractual, one-time payments, and monthly payroll additions.

Simpler Time Off

Communicate between managers and international supported employees for PTO, leave, and holiday accommodations.

Global Expansion
That Puts
People First

With the right balance of innovation and human
support, your expectations and business opportunities
should know no bounds.

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Our Approach to HR Technology Platforms

Managing global workforces and multi-country regulatory requirements can be challenging enough, without the complexities of HR platforms. That’s why our approach to HR technology is a single, cloud-based management system for all international employees complemented by an essential element: human assistance.

A consolidated, intuitive dashboard

Experience the benefits of having all global supported employee information in one place:

  • Simplified platform to manage all relevant data and provide a communication touchpoint for managers and international supported employees
  • Accessible international team member information from virtually anywhere
  • Real, live human assistance—no bots leading you in circles here. You and your team receive a dedicated, single point of contact

Committed To the Highest Standards of Data Protection

Data breaches bring serious consequences for companies, their employees, and their clients. That’s why we offer the highest level of protection. Velocity Global is one of the select few expansion providers that holds the ISO 27001:2013 certification, the international standard for data security.

  • Get the peace of mind knowing your data is protected by a provider that meets the relevant laws, regulations, and requirements related to information security
  • Avoid heavy fines, legal fees, reputational damage, and business interruptions that come from a data breach
  • Gain an edge and earn clients that prioritize data protection by offering stronger protection than your competitors

“We turned to Velocity Global to conduct the search [for an open sales management position], and within a short period of time, we found our match. They were precise, kept us well-informed, and most importantly, delivered results we needed to mitigate our gap in Europe.”

— Gregory Greenberg, VP of Sales, Onset Computer

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