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How to Retain Talent with Global Employee Benefits

Retain employees while positioning yourself as an ideal landing spot for top talent leaving other
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Why Companies That Hire Remotely Come Out Ahead

If I told you there was a simple way to make your business more profitable, reduce overhead, and
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PEO vs. EOR: Which Is Right For Your Organization?

Employer of record (EOR) and professional employer organization (PEO) partners help companies manage
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Embauche et rémunération

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Can a U.S. Company Hire a Foreign Employee in Another Country?

In today’s age of remote work, the world is connected more than ever, and businesses are in a
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A Guide for U.S. Companies Hiring Employees in Canada

Canada’s highly skilled, diverse workforce is a valuable resource for U.S. companies. By tapping
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How to Pay Remote Workers in Multiple Countries

Hiring remote workers in multiple countries has many advantages and challenges. As a company builds
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Calculez vos coûts salariaux globaux

Obtenez des informations fiables sur les coûts salariaux et les cotisations propres à chaque pays pour développer vos équipes internationales en toute confiance, tout en respectant les réglementations en vigueur.

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RH et télétravail

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Global Compliance: How to Stay Compliant When Hiring Internationally

This blog was updated on July 5, 2024. An essential part of running a successful business abroad is
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Is It a Good Idea to Hire Right Now? 2023 Labor Market Trends

At first glance, it's not the easiest time to grow your team. Economic uncertainty has businesses
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How to Create a Global Compensation Strategy That Boosts Talent Retention

Despite the benefits of global hiring and expansion, international companies face several challenges
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Velocity Global’s New HR Integrations With ATS and HRIS Partners Create a Single Source of Truth for Employees

Customized, synchronous employee data between our Global Work Platform™ and Greenhouse, BambooHR
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Resource Center - Materialize Case Study
Case Study

Materialize: Hitting Growth Goals With Global Talent

Learn how Velocity Global made it easy for Materialize to hire specialized employees overseas.
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A New Chapter at Velocity Global, Welcome Frank Calderoni as CEO

Today marks a new chapter in Velocity Global’s history that I am excited to share with the world
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