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Flexible Office Spaces

Better Workspaces.
Happier Talent.

Attract, retain, and engage global talent with on-demand offices.

Find Out How

Build global teams without building offices.

Keep the top talent you need by giving them the workspaces they want. Velocity Global offers access to over 10,000 on-demand offices in more than 120 countries via Upflex so you can help talent do their best work—and stand out in a competitive global hiring market. Use our network of flexible office spaces to:

Increase job satisfaction

Flexible office spaces help talent improve work-life balance by giving them more control over their work environment and schedule.

Gain a hiring edge

Set yourself apart from a crowded field of competitors by adding flexible workspaces to your total rewards package.

Boost productivity

Offer your talent everything they need to stay engaged and productive: high-quality desks, private meeting rooms, fast WiFi, and more.

Scale with velocity

Hire in new markets and immediately let your talent access a modern workspace—no waiting to build or rent your own.

Invest in your people.
Boost your bottom line.

Flexible office spaces don’t only make life better for your talent. They also help you make the most of your budget. Companies that rely on Upflex workspaces cut their global real estate costs by up to 42%.

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Quotation marks

“It’s great to have all the growth in the world, but if talent leaves after six months, it’s a huge strain on the business. It’s extremely important we choose the right partner for hiring internationally. Velocity Global does the best job at that.”

—David Andreasson, VP of Finance and Operations, Paige