Succeed Overseas With Ease

International Payroll service by Velocity Global takes the pain out of paying your overseas employees.

How We Help:

Making sure that you look after your employees in your overseas operations can be a minefield – managing multiple payroll suppliers in multiple languages, combined with the complexities of legislation in each country can make coordinating an international payroll a nightmare.

We offer a centralized service that will coordinate your entire payroll operations in any country of the world.

What We Provide:

Consistent Service

We give you access to high quality payroll service across virtually all countries.

Single point of contact

We provide an English speaking, single point of contact for all countries.

Regulatory compliance

We stay on top of regulatory changes so that you don’t have to.

Talk with one of our consultants to see how we can simplify your international payroll process:

Capabilities In Over 185 Countries

Velocity Global Serves 175 Countries

That’s right, 185…

Our global reach means we’ve got you covered.  See where our capabilities can take your business.

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