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Three Tips to Find Your Deeper ‘Why’ from Chris Hauth of AIMP Coaching

By April 14, 2022August 24th, 2022No Comments
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Two-time Olympian and ultra-endurance coach Chris Hauth founded AIMP (Advancing the Integration of Mindset and Performance) Coaching to train athletes for long-distance sports. In his advanced training program, he also works with non-athletes, such as military personnel and corporate executives, to help them develop a mindset for success.

We recently spoke with Chris on the Forge Ahead podcast about discovering your life purpose, embracing difficulties as learning experiences, and finding a mentor.

1. Discover Your Life Purpose

Your deeper ‘why’ is your life purpose. To figure out your core purpose, ask yourself why you do what you do. Then, use your insights and answers to guide your next steps as you plan for future success.
Chris says discovering your purpose will drive you to excel in your chosen field or life path. He explains that drive is more powerful than motivation because it comes from a deeper source. This connection to a deeper purpose helps individuals and teams thrive because everyone knows the ‘why’ behind their work.

What can we learn from Chris? Spending time in self-reflection teaches us more about ourselves and leads to greater fulfillment as we discover our purpose.

2. Find a Mentor

Once you identify your purpose, find someone in your field who is more experienced than you and follow what they do. Even if they are only a few steps ahead of you, you can still learn from them.

Chris learned the importance of mentorship during his swimming training. He says, “I was always looking up at somebody and emulating [them], and thinking about how to be better, to be more like them. And because they already had the mindset aspect, it was quite apparent that they were onto something, and it worked for me.”

His experience teaches us to find a mentor and learn as much as possible from them. With the right mindset, you’ll continuously improve and become the mentor for someone else one day.

3. Embrace Difficulties as Learning Experiences

Nobody looks forward to difficult days, but that’s when you grow the most. You develop resourcefulness and resilience as you face challenges—similar to how an athlete gets stronger through training.

For that reason, Chris challenges his athletes to lean into the hard days. He teaches them that facing adversity head-on prepares them for the mental and physical challenges of their sports. When it’s time to compete, athletes can rely on that training to get them through unexpected challenges.

Chris teaches us to embrace difficulties as learning experiences and opportunities for growth.

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