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Three Ways Tugce Bulut Transformed Streetbees From Startup to Global Powerhouse

By November 18, 2021December 7th, 2021No Comments
tugce bulut ceo and founder of streetbees

Maintaining zero churn may seem like a fantasy for some companies. But for Tugce Bulut, Founder and CEO of global intelligence platform Streetbees, zero churn is real—and a driving force behind her company’s rapid growth.

Streetbees helps companies collect and analyze information on customer behaviors in markets where data is scarce. Over the last seven years, it’s blossomed from a small startup to a high-growth tech company with 4.5 million users across 189 countries.

On the most recent episode of the Forge Ahead podcast, we spoke with Tugce about how she minimizes churn, accelerates growth using free resources, and increases user engagement with the right UX. Following are three insights from our conversation with Tugce:

1. Minimize Churn By Practicing Transparency

Communicate with customers when issues arise. It will help build trust and loyalty with them if they’re kept in the loop. Streetbees has zero customer churn, and Tugce credits full transparency with them as the reason.

Tugce says, “We do have zero churn. That doesn’t mean we don’t have any problems or delivery issues. We are just being open about it. And because our product and technology is so unique, [our customers] show us some tolerance and patience in development. And as long as you keep the relationship very transparent, that works.”

Not only will you retain customers, but you’re likely to acquire new ones as well.

2. Accelerate Growth Using Existing Resources

Creating a startup doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Use existing resources to kickstart and accelerate growth instead of building everything from the ground up.

Like Tugce says, “New generation technology coming to play [has allowed] us to go operational in our markets without any infrastructure investments. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible. So we rely on a lot of free resources from AWS to a lot of solutions Google provides, up until you reach a certain scale. I think [these providers] made a lot of startups like us possible.”

Do some research into tools you can leverage to drive growth. And let them do some of the heavy lifting.

3. Increase Engagement With Simple UX

Aim for a UX that is both easy to use and beautiful. You will reach more customers by designing an intuitive user experience, and attract the rest with aesthetics.

Tugce says, “If we give [users] traditional type of dashboards, you know, like blue and gray charts, I don’t want to look at them. Why would they want to look at them? So our challenge to our own design team was that we are not going to make access to data just easy and usable–we are going to make it fun and playful.”

Imagine yourself as the customer. Think about the kind of product you would want to use. And aim even higher.

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