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Forge Ahead > Episode 07

Success, Failure, and the Undeniable Value of Hard Work

Ben Wright interviews Mikita Mikado, CEO at PandaDoc.

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About Velocity Global

Velocity Global accelerates the future of work beyond borders. Its platform helps companies compliantly employ distributed teams and expand internationally through best-in-breed technology, global expertise, and scale. As the largest global Employer of Record (also known as International PEO) in 185 countries and all 50 United States, more than 700 brands rely on Velocity Global to build global teams without the cost or complexity of setting up foreign legal entities or state registrations. Velocity Global offers additional services including Immigration, Independent Contractor Compliance to assess a workforce, and Agent of Record (AoR) to streamline payments to contractors.

About Ben Wright

Ben Wright, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ben Wright leads the strategy and growth of Velocity Global and its hundreds of global team members. He applies two decades of experience supporting companies’ global business and remote teams. Wright founded Velocity Global in 2014 as a revolutionary way for companies to expand and hire across global markets. He is a recognized expert on the future of work and global expansion strategies. Wright was a national finalist for EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year. He holds a B.B.A. in Accounting from the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame.

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