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Entity Setup & Support

Streamline Foreign Entity Establishment

Seamlessly set up foreign entities and expand your company’s geographic footprint.

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Solidify your global presence.

Establishing a foreign legal entity brings enormous potential for growth—and a unique set of challenges. Take the frustration out of entity establishment with a team of experienced partners to guide you through every step of the process.

Company Registration

Let a team of local experts work with local governments to set up your entity, saving you time and resources.

Payroll Services

Hand off accurate, efficient, and country-compliant payroll management, and focus on international supported employees.

 Accounting Assistance

Rely on accounting and bookkeeping expertise to maintain compliance with local authorities.

Corporate Annual Compliance

Utilize experienced accountants to prepare annual financial statements, tax, payroll, and statutory returns that adhere to local regulations.

Advisory Services

Focus on business growth while a dedicated team handles employment contracts, benefits enrollment, and intercompany agreements.

International Supply Chain

Set up and manage new global distribution operations with confidence, while also ensuring compliance in your existing operations.

Our approach to
Entity Setup & Support

From initial setup and registration to ongoing maintenance and reporting, rely on a dedicated strategic partner to assist you through the process. We utilize our expertise and relationships with local partners in over 185 countries to help you establish a presence in your desired country.

Tap into new markets with our company formation expertise.

Free up your internal resources and rely on Entity Setup & Support services from a team of experts so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business. Expansion experts will work with you to determine the best structure for your business and craft a custom growth plan to ensure long-term success.

Tap into new markets with our company-formation expertise.

Free up your internal resources and rely on our Entity Setup & Support services so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business. Our expansion experts work with you to determine the best structure for your business and craft a custom growth plan to ensure your long-term success.

“The Velocity Global team is always there to answer any questions that my [supported] employees or I have, and guide us through the next steps as we navigate this growth.”

— Tiina Topal, VP of Human Resources, HMD Global

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to set up an entity with International PEO?

While establishing an entity may be advantageous under certain circumstances, you do not need to set up an entity to compliantly establish a presence in foreign markets with International PEO. If you would like to purchase property or take advantage of local corporate tax rates, then entity setup is a more attractive option.

If I choose not to use International PEO and establish an entity instead, which entity setup and support services do you provide?

Velocity Global’s network of experts assist with each step, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance, including:

  • Navigating country-specific complexities and requirements
  • Communicating with local governments to save you time and resources
  • Maintaining compliance with local regulations
  • Preparing monthly and annual financial statements, reports, taxes, payroll, and statutory returns—ensuring each aligns with local requirements

How long does it take to set up an entity? 

The time it takes to establish an entity varies, depending on several factors. On average, you can expect the process to take 3-4 months before you can begin operating in your new market(s). This timeframe often increases exponentially due to delays in banking, filing errors, and other administrative tasks.

What ongoing work is necessary to support/maintain an entity?

To ensure you’re meeting all corporate compliance regulations, you need a team of local accountants, HR personnel, lawyers, and payroll specialists.

Why should I hire someone to help with entity setup?

Establishing an entity is an incredibly time-consuming and expensive process—no matter the market. Relying on Velocity Global frees up your essential internal resources, so you remain focused on day-to-day operations and overseeing your global expansion efforts.

Build your distributed team.

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