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Contractor Classification

Correctly Classify Talent Across Markets

Take the guesswork out of worker classification and engage contractors with confidence.

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Assess talent with accuracy and ease.

Researching worker classification laws is tedious and time-consuming—especially when your workforce crosses state lines or international borders. Ensure your teams are compliant without spending hours pouring over market-specific regulations.

  • Complete a fast and easy contractor evaluation assessment on our cloud-based technology platform
  • Get peace of mind from compliance experts who analyze your assessment results, compare them against local labor laws, and correctly classify your talent

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“Since day one, we’ve received excellent customer service guiding us through the compliance maze. The entire compliance process is straightforward, and our organization has benefited from the efficiencies, processes, and reporting of the program implemented.”

—Director of Human Resources, Healthcare Nonprofit Foundation

Mitigate risk in new markets.

Companies that engage contractors are susceptible to misclassification fines, intellectual property (IP) theft, and compliance audits by local employment authorities. Stay protected when building teams across the globe.

  • Avoid the costly fines, legal fees, business interruptions, and reputational damage that comes with talent misclassification
  • Establish clear IP ownership in statements of work or employment contracts to avoid legal conflicts in the future
  • Turn to one partner for all necessary documentation and paperwork to reduce stress in the case of an audit

Hire compliantly, no matter the classification.

You invest significant time and energy to find the right people for your needs. Bring in the professionals you’ve worked so hard to recruit—regardless of whether they’re classified as contractors or employees.

  • Use our Contractor Management (Agent of Record) solution to easily handle invoices and ensure ongoing compliance for talent classified as contractors
  • ‘Hire talent in over 185 countries and all 50 United States using our Global Employer of Record solution.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Contractor Classification?

Contractor Classification is a set of regulations and guidelines for organizations per state or region designed to protect the contractors’ interests.

What are the rules for a contractor?

Rules for a contractor largely depend on the description of their role, which may differentiate them from a W2 employee.

What is a contractor responsible for?

Contractors are responsible for the entirety of their business expenses, including healthcare.

How do I compliantly manage my contractors?

We’re here to help you maintain compliance and easily support your contractors anywhere in the world through our Contractor Management (Agent of Record) solution.

Build your distributed team.

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We help companies compliantly assemble and support teams in all 50 United States and over 185 countries worldwide. Find out how.

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