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Global Equity Program

Compliantly Offer Equity to Your Global Talent

Attract and retain talent by offering equity to employees worldwide.

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The easiest way to offer global equity awards and stock options.

Velocity Global partners with leading legal advisory firms to help you offer compliant, locally tailored equity plans and stock options across the globe. Stand out to qualified candidates and keep your talent loyal with consistent packages wherever they work.

Comprehensive Service

Let us handle everything from researching grant options to assisting with withholding rates, payroll processing, supplemental reporting, and more.

Worldwide Compliance

Our internal experts work closely with internationally renowned consultants to ensure your equity awards meet local requirements.

Versatile Awards

We make it easy for you to issue a variety of award types, including stock options, stock appreciation rights, restricted stock units, and phantom awards.

Fast, Expert Support

Offer top coverage at competitive prices by accessing rates only available to large-scale providers.

Offer global equity with a local approach.

Granting equity awards and stock options to foreign employees shouldn’t be hard. Get detailed, country-specific recommendations on equity packages through our comprehensive resource center. When you need additional help, our experts are standing by to offer fast, local support.

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Quotation marks

“It’s great to have all the growth in the world, but if talent leaves after six months, it’s a huge strain on the business. It’s extremely important we choose the right partner for hiring internationally. Velocity Global does the best job at that.”

—David Andreasson, VP of Finance and Operations, Paige