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Global Payroll Solutions

Effortlessly Pay Teams in Global Markets

Provide accurate, on-time payments to your workforce in any country with our global payroll solutions.

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Conquer every global payroll challenge.

Running compliant payroll in multiple countries is a complicated process. Our international payroll solutions make it easy to overcome borders, multiple currencies, and unique tax laws through one streamlined payment system.

Our approach to global payroll solutions

Successfully managing employees in multiple countries is challenging. That’s why Velocity Global offers a centralized global payroll solution that coordinates your entire payroll operations in 185+ countries.

Our global payroll solution standardizes all payroll streams into one platform and ensures compliance with payroll regulations in each market. When your talent needs support, our local payroll experts are ready to assist.

International payroll solutions that grant peace of mind

When you use our global payroll services to pay talent around the world, you benefit from:

  • Proven accuracy. Have confidence in compliant payroll calculations and delivery around the world.
  • On-time delivery. Your supported employees receive accurate payments consistently and on time—every time.
  • Local support. Our local experts span 185+ countries to provide your teams with real-time finance and HR support wherever they need it.
  • Complementary solutions. Easily hire, pay, and manage international talent with our suite of solutions that simplify the entire cycle of running a global workforce.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a global payroll solution?

A global payroll solution simplifies the process of running payroll for employees in multiple countries by consolidating and standardizing all payroll streams into one platform.

Companies work with a third-party partner that manages payroll operations in all markets via a centralized system to ensure employees receive compliant payments accurately and on time.

Learn more in our complete guide to global payroll.

What does a global payroll provider do?

A global payroll provider runs all payroll operations for organizations with international employees.

Unlike a local payroll provider, which runs payroll in a specific market, a global payroll provider manages a network of reliable payroll vendors in each market and consolidates all payroll streams into one platform to improve visibility, efficiency, and compliance.

What is global payroll outsourcing?

Global payroll outsourcing is the process of working with a payroll partner to compliantly pay international employees.

The global payroll outsourcing partner delivers accurate and on-time payments to your employees, manages and reports on payroll taxes, protects sensitive payroll data, and ensures compliance with market-specific payroll regulations.

Learn more about international payroll outsourcing.

What are the benefits of using a global payroll service?

A global payroll service helps you save time, reduce costs and security risks, and stay compliant with market-specific payroll regulations. Companies that use global payroll services simplify the complex process of paying global employees accurately and on time, no matter their location.

How do you run payroll internationally?

Companies have several options:

  • Create an entity in each market and administer payroll in-house
  • Outsource payroll to in-country vendors in each market
  • Outsource payroll to one global payroll provider that manages in-country vendors and centralizes all payroll operations into one platform

Learn more about international payroll administration.

What are the types of global payroll services?

  • Decentralized global payroll: Work with a local payroll vendor in each market to handle your payroll administration. However, this method offers limited visibility into the payroll processes within each country and may increase compliance and security risks.
  • Centralized global payroll: Work with one global payroll partner that manages in-country payroll vendors on your behalf. All payroll streams are standardized and consolidated into one platform to reduce risk and improve visibility and efficiency.

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“Velocity Global’s consulting advice and market reports were eye-opening and invaluable. The data presented was not only informative for the new markets we were trying to explore, but also had us considering changing our direction in other countries.”

—George Bates, Chief Revenue Officer at Graebel Companies, Inc.