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Global Payroll

Effortlessly Pay Teams in Global Markets

Provide accurate, on-time payroll to your workforce in any country, every time.

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Conquer every global payroll challenge.

Running compliant payroll in multiple countries is a complicated process. Overcome borders, multiple currencies, and unique tax laws with one streamlined payment solution.

Our approach to Global Payroll

Ensuring that you successfully manage teams in your overseas operations can be filled with challenges. That’s why Velocity Global offers a centralized service that will coordinate your entire payroll operations—in any country around the world.

Experience stress-free global payroll management.

Utilize a single point of contact for your payroll services anywhere in the world and benefit from:

  • Proven accuracy so you can have confidence in compliant payroll support and delivery around the world.
  • On-time delivery—every time—means that you can alleviate the stresses of supported employees not getting paid.
  • Established global infrastructure in 185+ countries affords us with local knowledge to efficiently support your teams nearly anywhere in the world.
  • Complementary services that pair with Global Payroll to help you utilize the full cycle of global expansion.

“Velocity Global’s consulting advice and market reports were eye-opening and invaluable. The data presented was not only informative for the new markets we were trying to explore, but also had us considering changing our direction in other countries.”

— George Bates, Chief Revenue Officer, Graebel Companies, Inc.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is global payroll?

Global payroll is the process of consolidating an organization’s payroll streams into one place with the goal of standardizing data, calculating and delivering payments effectively.

What does the global payroll process entail?

The global payroll process often includes navigating tricky hour and wage rules, and in some instances in multiple languages, adding to the complexity.

What are the benefits of global payroll?

Global payroll solutions can help you save time and give your business easy access to critical information. Wherever your team is based, global payroll can allow you to pull the data you need quickly and at any time.

What are the types of global payroll?

  • Paying Local Vendors: Find a local vendor in each market to handle your payroll administration. However, you may run security risks by doing so or have limited visibility into the payroll processes.
  • Payroll Aggregation: Based in one major market, such as the United States, this solution allows one vendor who’s partnered with trusted payroll providers around the world to reduce management, costs, and confusion. Velocity Global provides this solution with trusted vendors to remove risk and ensure your global payroll needs are met perfectly.

Build your distributed team.

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