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Uruguay PEO Employment Services by Velocity Global
Uruguay PEO Employment Services by Velocity Global:
Velocity Global’s International PEO service outsources the hiring and administration functions while you maintain direction over your employee. Taking advantage of talented labor markets and/or sales opportunities in Uruguay is now easier than ever before. To learn more about International PEO, visit our service page.


Why Uruguay?
  • Ranked #1 in Latin America in: Democratic strength, Transparency, Prosperity and Respect for the rule of law
  • Continual growth of global services and regional offices over the past 10 years
  • Access to qualified talent and a world-recognized legal system
  • Working permits are easily accessible
  • Free trade zones
  • Strong global entrepreneurial atmosphere helps leverage local knowledge and solutions
  • For more information view: Why Invest in Uruguay
Some reasons you might use international PEO or our other services in Uruguay are:
  • You have a contractor overseas and you want to convert them to an employee
  • Your company is in a non-compliant relationship with your contractor
  • Your company wants to invest in these resources and show your commitment to them by converting to employees
  • Your contractors themselves are asking for an improved status afforded to full time employees
  • You are looking for a cost effective solution to convert your international contractors to employees
  • You need to convert your contractors to employees without setting up a legal entity
  • The costs and risk of maintaining a foreign corporate entity from a compliance and financial perspective is too high for the potential benefit or does not align with long term goals
  • You need to hire today, but in need of an interim solution while setting up your foreign entity
For companies who wish to hire employees in Uruguay, we can walk you through the nuances of employment and hiring in country.  After the initial call Velocity Global will send you a customized proposal matching your exact specifications within 24 hours, and can have your employees operating within days of paperwork being signed. Whether foreign national expatriates or local national hires, we can assist with Uruguay business visas, work permits, local payroll and taxes, and general employment support to drastically decrease your time to market compliantly and without headaches.

Contact us today to get started.