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Global Employer of Record

Hire Anyone, Anywhere

Quickly and compliantly build, manage, and pay your global teams.

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Everything you need to run your global workforce.

Unlock the power of global hiring without taking on extra burden. Our global Employer of Record solution simplifies everything from onboarding and compliance to payroll and benefits, so you can easily build and manage teams across borders.

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What is a global employer of record?

A global employer of record (EoR) enables companies to hire anywhere without setting up entities in new countries or registering their business in new states.

Our global EoR solution allows you to quickly and compliantly hire, pay, and manage talent in over 185 countries and 49 United States (except Alaska). After you recruit your talent, we handle onboarding, payroll, benefits, and ongoing support for your distributed workforce, so you can hire globally without increasing your workload.

What are the benefits of global EoR?

Our all-in-one global EoR solution helps companies:

  • Hire top talent anywhere in the world
  • Effortlessly comply with local labor laws
  • Maintain peace of mind with error-free payroll runs
  • Support talent with local experts in their region
  • Offer compliant, competitive benefits, anywhere
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between PEO and EoR?

The primary difference is an employer of record (EoR) is the full legal employer of a company’s distributed workforce, while a professional employer organization (PEO) acts as a co-employer. Learn more.

Who should use an employer of record?

Our global EoR solution is an ideal option for employers looking to hire talent in new countries or states. Regardless of the company size or industry, our solution helps employers who want to:

  • Hire talent within the U.S. and more than 185 countries
  • Avoid the costs and time associated with entity establishment and state registrations
  • Simplify onboarding, payroll, benefits, local support, and more

Will an employer of record hire candidates for me?

Yes, we use locally compliant employment contracts to hire new members of your global team and become their legal employer of record.

Do you assist with paying the necessary in-country contributions?

Our monthly invoices include mandatory taxes and other payments that local governments require from employers, such as social security and other public programs. Our local experts offer up-to-date reporting on the payment schemes of each country, calculate the amount due within 99.6% accuracy based on the supported employee’s salary, and provide a detailed breakdown in your invoice.

Do you broker a deal with local partners, or are you involved through the entire employer of record process?

Velocity Global manages established entities in multiple countries. Within our entities, we make it a priority to have local labor law experts, as well as trusted and vetted partners. From the beginning of our partnership, we provide our clients and their supported employees with a dedicated client services team to help answer any employment questions and navigate any regional intricacies.

Quotation marks

“The speed, responsiveness, and service provided by Velocity Global exceeded our expectations. Its solution enabled us to compliantly onboard an employee in Canada in less than a week.”

—Jeanne Bauer, Vice President, Human Resources at MercuryGate