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Grow your team in any market while minimizing risk and costs.

Complying with local labor laws, running payroll, and managing teams across borders is no small feat. Turn to the experts to ensure compliance, accurate and on-time pay, and localized assistance—no matter where you operate.

What it is:

An Employer of Record is a global employment solution that enables companies to hire employees anywhere in the world quickly, compliantly, and without the commitment that comes with establishing a foreign legal entity. Global expansion brings a myriad of challenges, but an Employer of Record serves as a valuable partner to help navigate employment complexities in foreign markets. Specifically, an Employer of Record takes on all visa and work permit obligations, ensures compliance with local labor laws, including notice periods, termination, and severance requirements, and is a liaison between your supported employees and local governments.

International PEO - What it is

How it works:

To mitigate international employment law complexities, an Employer of Record legally hires employees in markets all over the world through local, compliant employment contracts. It handles all risk mitigation, payroll, and benefits for each employee, and ensures compliance with local labor laws—no matter how frequently or drastically they change. An Employer of Record eases HR teams’ stress of keeping up with these changes and enables employers to remain focused on managing their employees and growing their business.

Employer of Record - How it Works

What are the benefits of an Employer of Record?

Employers of Record offer expanding tech firms many benefits—in both their domestic and international markets. But contending with the complexities of global expansion strains firms’ internal and financial resources; most firms do not have experience hiring employees in their target foreign markets. Businesses leverage an Employer of Record’s knowledge and expertise in international markets and entrust them to:

  • Mitigate noncompliance risks
  • Alleviate the need for a legal entity
  • Provide support to HR teams

Learn how our global Employer of Record solution works:

Ease the stress of international expansion with our global Employer of Record services. Let us help you break into new foreign markets quickly and compliantly.


Our Employer of Record approach:

As your Employer of Record, also known as an International PEO (Professional Employer Organization), our experts hire your international team members in-country, on your behalf. We handle all risk mitigation and compliance considerations while you maintain day-to-day control of your supported employees.

Benefit from a trusted Employer of Record partner.

Make international expansion a reality with our global Employer of Record solution. Your company will benefit from:

Accelerated market entry gets your firm operating in a new country in as little as 48 hours—compared to an average of 3 to 4 months with traditional entity establishment. This expedited time-to-market enables firms to hire premier global talent to capitalize on new market opportunities.

Cost savings of 60% when compared to setting up and maintaining a foreign entity. Companies should anticipate average costs of nearly $20,000 to establish an entity and as much as $200,000 annually to maintain it. With our Employer of Record solution, businesses only pay for the services Velocity Global provides.

Risk mitigation ensures your business, intellectual property, and team are protected. Utilizing compliant employee contracts eliminates misclassification risks that come with working with foreign independent contractors.

Increased flexibility to test markets or complete short- to mid-term projects. Our Employer of Record solution enables companies to establish a compliant in-country presence in more than 185 markets in as few as 48 hours—with no long-term contracts to tie them to the market.

Streamlined expatriate employment to grow your company’s awareness in new markets. Relying on our Employer of Record solution means your employees remain compliant when doing business overseas without the costs and overhead required to maintain an entity.

Mergers and acquisitions assistance from an experienced team. Acquiring companies compliantly hire the target company’s employees in-country where no current entities exist, leading to a faster transaction closing.

Reduced reliance on H-1B visas to bring on top-tier international talent. Obtaining an H-1B visa is highly competitive. Our Employer of Record solution enables employees who do not receive an H-1B visa to continue working for your firm, virtually anywhere. If your employees receive an H-1B visa in the future, we seamlessly transition them to direct employment.

Simplified global invoicing process with a global Employer of Record partner that handles all compliance, payroll, and benefits requirements. By contrast, companies that establish a foreign entity must manage accounting ledgers, currency exchange, and reporting to multiple federal organizations, among other requirements.


Entity setup is not the only option.

Learn how one executive could have spared this company the headaches and complexities of foreign entity establishment by using an Employer of Record.

Entity Setup Is Not the Only Option

Hear advice from one executive on how his company regrets not utilizing a global Employer of Record solution to save his teams from the headaches and complexities of foreign entity establishment.


Why choose Velocity Global as your Employer of Record partner?

Premium 24/7 Support

Our teams provide the highest level of support for you and your valued employees. You receive a dedicated service manager, and 24/7 assistance from your support team—no matter your location.

Unrivaled Expertise

Our experts help you understand country-specific cultural considerations and compliance. No matter your market, our team ensures your business remains current with all tax and employment law updates.

Comprehensive Benefits Packages

Attract premier talent worldwide with our competitive range of compliant benefits offerings. Our experts help you navigate and remain compliant with each market’s unique benefits and entitlements requirements.

185 Countries and Counting

Our established global infrastructure and capabilities in 185+ countries enable your firm to scale virtually anywhere. This extensive global reach eliminates the need to work with additional expansion providers to establish a presence in new markets.

“The speed, responsiveness, and service provided by Velocity Global exceeded our expectations. Its solution enabled us to compliantly onboard an employee in Canada in less than a week.”

— Jeanne Bauer, Vice President, Human Resources at MercuryGate

Case Study: Transnetyx

Transnetyx onboarded employees quickly and compliantly—without fully committing to a new market. Read how.

How to Simplify Global Expansion with International PEO

Hire virtually anywhere in the world quickly, compliantly, and confidently with International PEO.

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